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The Log Shop is a surf shop located in Pacifica, CA. Owner and Producer Tait Cowan along with Director Paul Charney (Killing My Lobster) created a couple of 30 second commercial spots that air regularly in the SF Bay area. This spot is one of two versions edited by Jim Granato.

"SMOK'D" is a full length independent film made by San Francisco Director Frederic Banting. Arguably the first "punk noir" motion picture to show San Francisco's seedy side contrary to the postcard images usually associated with this unique city. This 35mm feature film was edited by Jennifer Hutcheon while the trailer featured here was edited by Jim Granato. WARNING: This trailer features images of violence.

"Darkest Night" is a full length psychological horror film that is yet to be made. This teaser was put together for presentation to investors with hopes in raising funds for this motion picture project. Directed by Anderson Paul ("Stuck") with videography and editing by Jim Granato. WARNING: This teaser features loud screams and images of graphic nature.

The San Francisco Independent Film Festival asked filmmaker's Frederic Banting (director) and Jim Granato (actor, editor) to create the trailer for the 2006 festival. Both 30 second and 60 second spots were created for the event that was presented at local theatres and regional broadcast television. The clip featured here is the 60 second version.

SF Indiefest

View "Log Shop" Spot (:30)

View "SMOK'D" Trailer (:30)

View "Darkest Night" Teaser (1:30)

View "2006 SF Indiefest Trailer" (1:00)