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Autonomy16 Productions Presents Brando "CARBON COPIES"

Synopsis: a team of astronauts orbit around a "dead" planet working endless hours to build a space station colony for their inhabitants. One astronaut threatens to "break the mold" and ventures solo to the primitive planet looking for change, believing there's more than meets the eye. Featuring the music of Brando, providing sonic feeling of escape and adventure.

Production Notes: "Carbon Copies" was shot using Kodak's 7231 Plus-X and 7222 Double-X 16mm B&W negative film stock. 100' of Ilford's HP5 400 stock was also used for shooting the wide-angle interior spaceship shots. Found footage animation was incorporated for the orbiting spacecrafts, the astronaut workers and the planet below them. The film to tape transfer was done at Monaco Video in San Francisco and the editing completed on a Macintosh G4 system with Final Cut Pro software.

Gaffer/1st Assistant Neil Hutchinson sets up effect lights for the spaceship control panel. Xmas lights, parcans and a dimmer switch were used for the flicker effect.
Costume/2nd Assistant Joan Mardesich takes a break between set-ups as the late evening progresses. She is also responsible for the production stills exclusively seen here. This photo was taken by the director.

Director/D.P. Jim Granato rolls on a take capturing spaceship debris and our hero, the astronaut walking away from it all. Jim used his trusty Bolex camera for most of the shoot. A 2nd camera, a Russian K-3 was also used for pick-up shots.
Actor Brandon Conner takes a breather from the inside of his well insulated helmet. Between being under hot lights on a set and a fairly bright sun on location, Brandon needed all the air he could get. No actors were harmed during the filming of this video.

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