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Plots In The Works

Our current plots that we're working on:

1. The Knocking- A short horror film that will be filmed soon and sent to the HBO Kids Short Film Festival in August. It stars Lesli Haller and is about a knocking upstairs. Hopefully suspensful.

2. Visions Of Cody- Story of a Band- A documentary of a small town band and their first time in a recording studio, who's producers and record label will be experiencing their first time in a recording studio also.

3. My Epiphany- A story about a dying girl that goes to Texas to have experimental medicine to help save her. She final realizes how valuable life is, and falls in love too.

4. A Day In The Life Of Rockwell Stewart- A comical story about a guy in love with his new next door neighbor, until he finds out that she's not as cool as she comes off to be.

5. UNTITLED- The story is just in the works, but it will be about a teenager who is having suicidal thoughts, and how friends and family try to help.

6. Bloody Mary- Another horror movie about everyone's favorite elementary school fable about a psychotic serial killer in the bathroom. This seems like a good movie for us ametuers since little special effects is needed, just a whole lot of fake blood.

7. My Life As I See It- A part autobiographical comedic screenplay that takes a look into todays youth and the troubles that they face trying to "fit in" and be who they really are at the same time. Comes complete with parents drowning kids dreams and lots of embarrassing experiences that everyone will relate to.

8. Everything I Do- I don't exaclty have a plot for this yet, but I liked the title and put it on here because I knew I would forget it if I didn't. I'll come up with something soon, hopefully.

We have other works in the progress, and they will be posted up here shortly.