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Kiwi Concerto

(to the tune of "Rainbow Connection")
Click here for music: 22K or 1K

Why are there not any
Songs about kiwis
Played on the radio?
Kiwis are flightless,
But they still delight us.
(They're not like your average dodo!)

How can we save their distinct population
Before they're extinct from the land?
	Help save the kiwis
  	An endangered species
	That live only in New Zealand.

Doesn't the Bible say
That we should be stewards
Preserving the Earth from harm?
If we started watering
Birdseed in the garden
Could we grow a kiwi farm?

To all student artists in New York and Texas:
I'm asking to give us a hand
	In saving the kiwis
	An endangered species
	In honor of Anna Paquin
		For I am under her spell
	(I think that her movies are magic!)

Do you play an instrument?
Can you design costumes?
I'd like to put on a show,
A fundraising concert
Of our favorite music
From film, TV, and radio.

I would be honored to play on the keyboard,
If Miss Paquin would be the MC.
	Let's save the kiwis
	An endangered species
	And make a big splash overseas
(Please help me make my dream come true
As a small gift to Anna from me . . . )

Song Lyrics by Emily Nghiem c/o Educere
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Join the Kiwi Conservation Club for children at
Graphics Courtesy of (c) Cynthia Johnston, 1999