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As reported by Hannah Fraser and David Ledger

As many of you may recall from a previous edition of the "ufo files," there had been strange reports that a fiery ufo had crashed in a remote area, which has become known as the ISLE OF JURA CRASH. We have received updates from UFO Scotland, and are updating our coverage of this mysterious UFO crash that was immediately silenced by the press. Here is the original post from Dave Moncoeur, a member of our UFO Scotland newsgroup:

this is David Moncoeur, I am curious as to why you reported a crash near to the Isle of Jura was a ufo crash. Have phoned the Isle of Jura newspaper office and he feels sure what you are referring to what only turned out to be a helicopter crash, not that I have phoned the RAF to find out their statement on that: if there were no reports of a heli crash in the papers at the time that would make the Jura response a little mysterious. What's the full low down on that incident? What is mysterious about it? > > > >

I'm in Kilmarnock, but was in Irvine at the time of the incident. A FIERY OBJECT. While stood in a public telephone box in the small town of Girdle Toll\Irvine in Ayrshire. I saw () a massive fiery sphere with a long trail of light streak down from the skies heading towards the earth. I actually braced myself for a crash or explosion, so sure was I that the object was that close. The time was apprx 18.20hrs on February 13th 1996. I guessed maybe it had been a large meteorite. Or maybe even the Chinese satellite that was apparently due to fall to earth somewhere around that time. At 8pm the news on Talk Radio mentioned that a mystery object crashed from the sky into a mountain side on the Island of Jura and that a RAF helicopter had been dispatched to the scene, as now the mountain was actually on fire. I only caught the tail end of the news bulletin on West Sound Radio at 9pm but in essence it said that the story of the object crashing was a false alarm, and the flames on the mountain were due to a scrub fire! The next couple of days saw the daily Scottish newspapers awash with similar sightings. In fact Jura resident Kenny miller states that the RAF had helicopters on the scene shortly before the incident. He said, "I saw this strange oval object flying towards the pap of Jura. At first I thought it was a shooting star, but then I realized this was much bigger, about the size of a small plane. It was travelling faster then any plane as if a huge missile had been dropped. It was huge and electric blue in colour." Painter David Moffat saw an 'Orangey" ball of light trailing an orange and red flame over Falkirk. John Gray of Kincardine in Fife describes a fireball blazing above him, with a long tail travelling at a fantastic speed. Two male witnesses in Glasgow also saw the object and they described it as being, "Red and orangey with a blue blaze trailing after it." Cab driver James Hammond froze behind the wheel as straight ahead of him was a blazing white object speeding across the sky. Mr. Hammond states that he never believed in UFO's but this incident has changed his mind. Glasweigan Jeanetta Baxter spotted a huge white shining object, which stayed motionless in the sky for several minutes. John McCaskill was driving home on the Isle of Lewis when a blinding light floated across his rear view mirror, "It wasn't a shooting star," he said..... Still the reports continued...

While climbing a peak in Glencoe with friends Adam Drew saw a streak of white light f lash across the sky. He said, "We thought it was a flare and some one might be in trouble. It travelled at an amazing speed without arcing like a flare then shot off in silence."

Civil servant David Gribben saw a UFO heading towards Jura as he left Glasgow's Kelvin Hall with two friends. "What we saw looked exactly like something out of a film when an object or space craft re-enters the earth's atmosphere." Mr. Gribben stated.

Police were called to Neliston, Mid Lothian after reports of an object crashing into a field. The witness said, "It was massive, about the size of a big house." James Allen was standing in Dalkeith Road, Glasgow, when he saw what he first imagined to be a very big and bright shooting star, which seemed to burn out before it hit the ground.

Elizabeth Lahmansi of Edinburgh said, "There was a big star in the sky and it was four or five times as big as that. It was low over the bungalows and travelling in an arcing direction downwards."

Donna Rodgers phoned Edinburgh Airport after she saw the object but got a very stony response and it was suggested that she write to air traffic services in Prestwick.

Mrs. Irene Brown of Musselburgh saw a very bright light with either vapour or smoke. She watched it through binoculars for about ten minutes.

John Reid from Girvan was walking his dog along the beach when he saw the UFO. "It came out of the sky at a really steep angle and was just like a really bright star. I've seen lots of shooting stars but this thing dropped so fast, there was no way it was one of them. I've never seen anything like it."

Coast guards at Oban, Argyll reported a large comet-like object with a tail. Even though residents on Jura claim they saw an object crash into a mountain on the island and also that a RAF helicopter had been on the scene prior to the alleged crash, coastguards and RAF claim there was nothing more then a scrub fire. Around 18.30hrs on Tuesday evening, police switchboards were jammed by people reporting the object. In fact it was seen as far away as Inverness and Elgin as one witness states, "It was heading towards Glasgow." The Royal Observatory in Edinburgh suggested the object would have been a meteorite although the civil aviation authority had picked nothing up on radar. Ron Halliday said, "This could have been something from a different dimension. How else can you explain why this never showed up on radar, and how it disappeared without a trace."

Malcom Robinson of the then SPI said, "There is no doubt that UFO sightings in Scotland are on the increase and we are investigating the possibility that recent sightings are linked to the Chinese satellite. About 95% of UFO sightings turn out to have a natural explanation, but that still leaves 5% unexplained." He also linked recent sightings with secret government aircraft which Malcom Robinson stated, "The government would be quite happy to hide under the guise of UFO's.

Another 'expert' (!) stated that what the hundreds of people saw that night on February 13th was no more then an optical illusion caused by the planet Venus. Let me tell you I saw that object and what a load of rot that last staement is.

Although when I saw it I was not put in mind of a space craft of sorts more like a meteor crashing to the earth.


Sources. Edinburgh Evening News. The Sun. Daily Mail. Ayrshire Leader.

Another Fiery Object!

A massive sea search was launched on Saturday 26th of October after reports of explosions and objects falling into the sea off the West coast of Scotland. At around 17.00hrs eye witnesses reported seeing the explosion in the sky off the Butt of Lewis. The area is the exact point where transatlantic flights enter British airspace. The RAF could not rule out an air collision and mounted a full search which cost 200,000, but they found nothing, or so the official line says. One eye witness reported a large aircraft and a smaller one collide. Another heard a couple of loud bangs and saw debris falling from the sky. But Air Traffic Control at Prestwick said they had no reports of planes missing. A RAF spokesman from Kinross said, "We have a special unit investigating the matter. One of the things we are looking into is that it is space debris. But we are also searching through all the radar tapes around the time of the incident to see if there is any trace of aircraft. Stornoway Coastguard initially mounted a helicopter sea search but as reports increased a RAF Sea King and a Nimrod joined in. Lochinver Lifeboat was launched and all the shipping alerted in the area. A French fishing boat, at the time off Lewis also headed for the area as did the Port Salvo which usually operated in the Minch. Police and ambulance crews were also standing by at Ness, in case of survivors. Witnesses reported a large pall of smoke out to sea. Another shocked resident said, "It lit up the sky and then fell to the sea. It was like a scene from the X-Files." Norman MacDonald of Skigersta Road said, "When I heard it at first, I thought it was a firework because its not long to Guy Fawkes night. Then I saw a trail of smoke. I saw three flashes in total and heard a further two bangs." "I rushed into the local shop, and took the staff and customers out. They also saw the dense smoke trail going into the sea," The top secret RAF tracking station of Flyingdales in Yorkshire was asked for any information that they may have picked up, but they said they had detected nothing. Flyingdales is equipped with highly sensitive tracking devices which gives warning of any nuclear missile attack on Britain. American military scientists from Sandia National Laboratories, which operate spy satellites from their base in Alburguerque, New Mexico are also interested in the incident and have begun their own investigations. The involvement of the US military has sparked off rumours as the military somehow being involved in the incident although they deny all knowledge of it.

Incidentally two days later the same area saw a NATO exercise involving thirty ships and eighty aircraft. Professor Mark Bailey of the Armagh observatory in Northern Ireland admitted he was puzzled and said, "I am torn between this being caused by the military, such as target practice, and a natural phenomena such as a fireball."."

The SNP claims it has information that a naval frigate was in the area shortly after the incident lifting wreckage from the sea and Margaret Ewing is being asked to raise the matter in the Commons. Meanwhile Nick Pope has taken an interest in the incident and is carrying out his own investigations saying that he would not rule out the possibility of this being a UFO.

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NEWSPAPERS: Sources. Edinburgh Evening News. The Sun. Daily Mail. Ayrshire Leader. Another Fiery Object!


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