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By Margareta- Erminia Cassani

credit: Carnicom

There, over the weekend, these lab samples blossomed floridly, i.e., they overgrew their Petri dishes rapidly as they were ripe with organisms. When I was asked by the lab's manager, where did you get these samples? I told her that I had collected the material off a house that had been splattered with it and she was very surprised. She offered her guess that the material must be some type of biohazard materials that accidentally fell out of a plane on its descent to Metropolitan Airport, as the combination of organisms indicated more a clinical setting rather than a natural, environmental setting.

These organisms were clinically identified as:
a. Pseudomonas fluorescens - this is a bacterium that has a "day-glo" quality to it, like a fluorescent light. It is commonly found in soil and water and is also associated with food spoilage of protein (eggs, meat, fish, milk). It is used, as mentioned earlier, in bioremediation programs as it thrives on fuel and oil. "It is generally an environmental contaminant and occasionally an opportunistic pathogen for humans causing infections of the urinary tract, wounds and the blood stream. It also occurs as a contaminant of blood and blood products used for transfusions, sometimes causing fatal shock" [Dorland's Medical Dictionary, p 1378]
b. Bacillus amyloliquefaciens - Common to soil, not known to be a human pathogen. However, it is used many times in clinical settings as a restriction enzyme. See below for further definition of this.
c. Vibrio splendidus 2 - Vibrio species of bacteria are commonly known to affect humans in a serious way (the disease cholera comes from the Vibrio family of bacteria), however, this particular strain of Vibrio is not a known human pathogen. Its value seems to lie in its ability to "light up" its surrounding area. It is found in coral reefs and provides a day-glo type of light, like the fluorescens species do. It is also being researched as a bacterial marker for poultry and other foods. The theory being that it would light up in the presence of certain contaminants, thus telling the buyer that the product was not fit for consumption. Theoretically, if someone were later wanting to test for the presence of "their" organisms which they dropped into the environment, for whatever reason, the inclusion of this one organism, Vibrio splendidus, would help them find "their" specific drops, i.e., allowing them to pick out their organisms from naturally occurring background organisms.
d. Staphylococcus - a large amount of Staph organisms were found in he samples. This species of bacteria can be responsible for many infections of the skin and the blood. This is a fairly common bacteria. We carry it on our hands and skin without incident most of the time.
e. Aureobasidium pullans - This is commonly considered a contaminant and is a causative agent of a disease process called phaehypomycosis - an opportunistic infection in humans derived from dematiaceous fungi, fungi that grow in rotting wood (black mold). This can cause a severe fungal form of pneumonia. It is used in making certain types of vinyl products.
f. Streptomyces - a fungus-like bacteria. More than half of the valuable antibiotics in use in medicine are created from streptomyces organisms. However, it can be parasitic to plants and animals, as well as bacteria.
g. Nigrospora - another contaminant, commonly referred to as the black molds which form spores.
THE SECOND SAMPLE was sent to me from Pennsylvania in January 1999, but the original incident had occurred January 1998. The names and exact location have been omitted at the homeowner's request for this specific writing. However, they will appear later in a book form. This plane drop was witnessed by a neighbor who described the plane as "huge, dull gunmetal gray, unmarked", flying so low this person thought the plane was going to crash into his barn. He said he could feel the windows shake as it went over his house and subsequently sprayed the entire three-story-high farm home of his neighbor on several sides. These homeowners also videotaped the damage and sent me a copy of it. The organisms identified in this sample include:
a. Bacillus amyloliquefaciens - this organism was present in an overpowering amount, so much so that only one other organism could be identified. As noted above, this bacterium is not usually known to be pathogenic to humans. It was also present in the Michigan sample.
b. Turicella otitidis - this was the second organism identified. This is an organism responsible for middle-ear infections, particularly the otitis media type.
c. Streptomyces - same as contained in the Michigan samples.
d. Rhizomucor - this is a mold that grows on corn plants or bread.
e. Penicillium species - another mold which is used primarily to create penicillin.
What is a Restriction Enzyme? As mentioned earlier on, this term has been misunderstood and used inappropriately in its mention in many Chemtrails-related articles. Restriction enzymes are not organisms cooked up in a genetics lab somewhere which are capable of creating bizarre distortions in human DNA by spraying them in the air and people inhaling them. A restriction enzyme is nothing more than an enzyme which is present in just about all bacterial and viral organisms. It functions like a genetic "scissor" which allows DNA to be cut into at desired levels for the purpose of studying a certain level in the DNA chain, or for hybriding purposes. It is not man-made, it is God- made.

The third sample came from Birch Island, Ontario, Canada, August 1999. I also collected this sample with the aide of Mr. Ben McNenly, a resident of Espanola, Ontario. Birch Island was a "turning point" of sorts in my investigation of this low-level plane-drop phenomena, as it was the first time that eyewitnesses were present at the exact time the drop from the plane occurred. I have been asked by these eyewitnesses to delete their names from this article, which they know will appear on the Internet, for the purpose of privacy, but have allowed me to publicly use their name in association with this story at a later date. At this point, I will refer to these two eyewitnesses as Bob and Jean. What happened at Birch Island is an extraordinary story. Bob and Jean are retirees who live on Birch Island for several months out of the year. It is located on an Ojibway Indian Reservation. They have a beautiful home that overlooks McGregor Bay. On July 18th, 1999, as they were sitting out on their patio that overlooks the Bay, Jean suddenly caught sight of a nearly silent, extremely low-flying, very large, grey plane literally gliding over the roof of their home, skimming the treetops of their property - it was that low, no more than 50 to 100' off the ground! Seeing her surprise, Bob jumped up to see this huge, completely unmarked (save for one distinguishing symbol which shall not be published at this time) plane gliding right over them and their patio. Stunned, and too afraid to move, they stood watching the plane glide silently out towards the water, trailing a reddish-brown powdery trail which covered their patio, their dock, and their neighbors dock. They ran to the water's edge and watched the plane glide silently down the bay until it was out of sight, all the while dropping the reddish powder that fell quietly and disappeared into the waters of McGregor Bay. I was told about this aerial drop soon after and I made a trip to Espanola, Ontario first, and gathered Mr. McNenly. We then visited Bob and Jean at their Birch Island home and collected samples of the reddish powder that had fallen into their neighbor's boat and into the holding pans of their septic tank in front of their home. The powder must have reconstituted somewhat from water in the bottom of their neighbor's boat as the entire bottom of the boat was covered with a very red sticky film, almost as if blood had been wiped from the bottom and sides of the boat. The anchor pail caught the lot of the drop and it truly was a deep, crimson red. Mr. McNenly and I videotaped the collection of this material from the pail in their neighbor's boat. I covered my hands with surgical gloves and using large Q-tips stuck my hand down into the water and scraped the Q- tip along the bottom of the pail. What came up on the Q-tip was incredible, a blood-red substance that adhered to the Q-tip like a gelatinous gob. I collected numerous samples until the entire bottom of the pail had been scraped of the substance. After collecting the samples, I interviewed Bob and Jean on videotape in which they re-told their experience. It was at this time that Bob, without prompting from either Mr. McNenly or myself, recounted that the plane that flew over their home that day was identical to an American C-130 Hercules transport plane. Indeed, Bob pointed to this type of plane in a book of specific airplane photographs which included numerous types of planes. Bob and Jean also recounted that they and their neighbors, even the neighbors dog, became ill with fever, chills, malaise, a "flu-like" syndrome, after this material was dropped on their property and their waterfront. The neighbors boy who swam in the water of McGregor Bay after the drop came down with pneumonia after returning home to Toronto that weekend. It should be noted that on this Indian Reservation, on Bob and Jean's property, drinking water is gotten from a conduit pipe that leads from the lake into their home which then runs through a filtering system before it is fit for drinking and/or cooking, etc. So, conceivably, the powder-contaminated water could have been gathered in this conduit pipe and carried right into their home which they later drank. Filtration systems do not always filter out every organism possible. I then took all the samples from Birch Island home with me and had them analyzed at the same lab that did the other two samples. These samples were very similar to both the Michigan and the Pennsylvania samples in the genus of organisms they contained, with slight variations. In the interim from March 1999, when the last samples from Pennsylvania were analyzed, the lab who did the work on the samples instituted an automated classification system which, unfortunately, only identifies the larger genus and not the species of each organism. Therefore, more exact identification than what follows is not known, however, the genus of bacteria present in these samples is identical to the other samples.
Bacteria: a. Pseudomonas b. Staphylococcus c. Bacillus Fungus/Yeasts/Molds: a. Penicillium - as noted above, makes penicllin.
b. Acremonium - a rather nasty organism, found in patients who are immunocomprised, most frequently AIDS patients.
c. Yeasts - a primitive mold.
OTHER PLANE DROPS: The rest of the "drop" incidents have no samples or laboratory analysis attached to them, at least that are in my possession, and exist through what was gleaned from local news reports in their areas and talking to the people that these incidents occurred to in the area, as well as the local officials. A total of 29 of these fly-over "goo drops"reports from the state of Utah alone. What's so special about Utah that they might have such occurrences? The fact that Dugway Proving Ground is only minutes away from where all these drops occurred might shed some light on the phenomenon. If anyone there were talking, that is. Dugway, in Provo, is one of the country's centers for biological open-air testing and development. Could these fly-over goo drops in Utah have been part of either open-air biological testing or accidents of transport of some biological materials? Maybe.When talking to a few of the "victims" of these fly-over goo drops, it was learned that all of these occurrences happened at night, with the homeowners waking up and finding their houses splattered with this (again) brownish goo. A young man whom I interviewed, via telephone, a Bryan Petersen, told me how he and his family were housesitting their parents home while they were away on a religious mission in another country. They woke up to go to work in the morning at 7 a.m. and found the garage, driveway and part of the house splattered with this material. Bryan also told me that the local HAZMAT team, complete in head to toe biochemical hazard gear, were quickly dispatched from the Fire Department. They didn't take samples, they just quickly sprayed the entire area down with bleach after taking photos. Another man, Thomas Perkins' home was hit on April 10th, 1999. Mr. Perkins and his family discovered the "goo hit" and immediately contacted the Salt Lake County Fire Department. At first they were reluctant to wash away the material, fearing it could contaminate storm-water systems. The Fire Department told Mr.Perkins to contact a private biohazard-cleanup company who were also reluctant to clean up the material. However, a day later, the Fire Department relented and eventually cleaned the material off Perkins' home using, again, a bleach concoction which is used in laboratories to kill bacterial and viral contaminants. Mr. Perkins was told by the county health department to keep his family and his pets out of the yard but declined further explanation to Mr. Perkins as to the why of their warning. My questions to the Director of Public Health, a pediatrician named Kathryn Vedder, M.D. were left unanswered. However, her secretary referred me directly to the laboratory who collected some samples from one of the plane drops, although the majority of them were simply washed away and untested. I left numerous messages for the technicians working on these lab samples and they never returned my phone calls. I was told later, however, by Dr. Vedder's secretary, that Dr. Vedder had issued a public statement that the material contained in these plane drops were "sewage" and the result of a "prankster" filling up a plane with raw sewage and flying over the city. Twenty-nine times. Even though no one had seen the plane or planes that made these drops, FAA spokesperson Mitch Barker told the Salt Lake Tribune: "There is a possibility this is some type of low, slow flying aircraft fitted with some ejection device and it is able to target a spot on the ground". If so, "It would certainly seem to be intentional", he said. Interestingly, the description of a "low, slow flying" plane conjectured to have been the culprit also fits the description given by the neighbor in Pennsylvania who saw such a plane cruise over his neighbor's property before dumping its mysterious biological payload, as well as it fits the description given by Bob and Jean in Birch Island, Canada of the plane that littered their property with red-brown powder. So, in essence, we have similarly described planes at opposite ends of the country, and at least one instance in Canada, dropping similar substances on residential homes. What do they all have in common?

PROPAGANDA As mentioned earlier, I would like to detach information I contributed to Chemtrails research from some dangerous propaganda that is being woven into many of these "cut and paste" Chemtrails articles. Propaganda, I would like also to say, has absolutely nothing to do with Chemtrail tracking/research and quite frankly reeks of White Supremacist conspiracy agendas, re: the inclusion of an ancient racist tract, The Protocols of The Learned Elders of Zion, with New World Order take-over paranoia which is being purported now as masterminded by an elite group of Jewish financiers who propose to "rule the world". About a month ago, I received an e-mail, from a Chemtrail tracker which spoke of the ancient Protocols of the Elders of Zion and how, in these modern days, it is really the rallying plan of those who would create The New World order, i.e. the United Nations, through a takeover of individual world governments, the United States being one of them. It was a fairly lengthy e-mail distributed by a Christian minister to people, including myself, on Chemtrail tracker/researcher mailing lists. My heart sunk when I read this e-mail, to think that this piece of trash that wreaked so much pain and havoc in the world was still circulating, now with a 21st century face as the foundation of The New World Order, and associating itself with Chemtrails work. That was just the shot in the foot we all needed. The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion is a totally fake document. It was created circa 1897 during the reign of Czar Nicholas II of Russia, just prior to the Russian Revolution. It was created by that Czars's cabinet as an excuse to crack down on the Bolshevists who were threatening to overturn the Imperial Crown of Russia. These cabinet members penned this "secret" document detailing the plan of the "Elders of Zion", i.e., an elite group of Jewish leaders who wanted to "control the hearts, minds, money of the Gentile world" [re: The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion]. The document was written in the form of minutes of meetings between these Jewish elders, meetings that never took place. The minutes of this fictitious meeting revealed the plan of these Jewish Elders to take over the world, overthrow the Imperial Crown nations, and institute their own oligarchy rule, control the world economy, and take away individual freedoms. The Russian cabinet members who created this fake document then signed Jewish names (as many Bolshevists were Russian Jews, like Trotsky) to the document as being the authors of it. They then distributed this document throughout St. Petersburg and Russia. Soon after, the Imperial Guard did crack down, horribly and violently, on Jewish citizens. Rioting ensued in the streets of St. Petersburg and hundreds of Russian Jewish peasants were killed and injured. The Russian film, The Odessa Steps is all about the massacre of scores of Russian Jews by the Imperial Russian guard instigated by this fake document, The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. It was also this document that fired the Russian Revolution as, after this massacre, the stage had been set for the revenge of the Bolshevists. Eventually, the document found its way to England and Europe as the crown heads of Europe were related by blood to the Russian Imperial Crown, and thus, all Crown nations were at risk by these Jewish Elders proposal to do away with Imperial rule and rule the world with their own elite group of Jewish financiers. This document circulated throughout Europe and decades later, in pre-WWII Germany where the document re- surfaced at the hands of the Nazi and began its most devastating damage to date. It was championed by Goebbels, Hitler's propaganda minister, as something that would help the Third Reich convince the German people of the growing "Jewish Menace". Suffice it to say, that The Protocols of the Elders of Zion , in the hands of the Nazi's this time around, became the torch that lit the fires of the Holocaust and kept the ovens of Auschwitz burning night and day until 6,000,000 souls had perished. And, despite a formal U.S. Congressional hearing in 1964 which publicly proclaimed the document a fake, The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion fluorishes still. In Saudi Arabia, the document is given away free at their Embassy. It also appears on White Supremacist websites all over the Internet as their reason why Hitler should have finished the "final solution". The e-mail I received, detailing this document, essentially stated that The United Nations' heads were, in fact, the "Elders of Zion" in disguise and that the New World Order was really the original plan described over a century ago by these Jewish Elders in The Protocols. The very fact that it is included in Chemtrails correspondence between fellow researchers/trackers, interested supporters, etc, makes the Chemtrails phenomenon appear to be some sort of "proof" or "evidence" that the Elders of the New World Order are now implementing their plan by aerial biological and chemical poisoning. And, that Chemtrails researchers support this propaganda either tacitly or explicitly. It is truly sad to see this level of ignorance being bandied about like its acceptable reading material, like it has some validity to what Chemtrail researchers/workers believe. If anyone wonders why the mainstream media will not touch the Chemtrails story with a 10 foot pole, this one incident may just have dashed any hope of that. If Chemtrails researchers truly want to be heard by the mainstream media, I suggest they disentangle themselves from this dangerous nuclear weapon of propaganda that is being distributed to Chemtrails researchers. No one, and I do mean NO ONE, in the mainstream media, nor the United States Senate or Congress, will so much as give any of us the time of day with this racist, hate-mongering albatross around the Chemtrails issue's neck. So let it go on record here, in this public venue, that I do not support this pitiful, piece of trash, The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion , as having any association or relation to serious Chemtrails research, and I, for one, completely dissociate myself, my work, my name, my anything, with anyone who does support it, whether they are fellow Chemtrails researchers or whom they are. You are no colleague of mine if you support this and/or passively keep silent on its distribution. And I certainly do not wish to be considered a member in a group who would pander, for even a moment, to this White Supremacist, Neo-Nazi brainwashing material.

SOME BRIEF CONCLUSIONS: Although my research and investigation is ongoing, I will offer a tentative conclusion here to Sightings readers as to what appears to be a preponderance of evidence regarding the unusual contrail activity of at least the last 2 years and actually much longer. Briefly stated, as there is much more that needs to be researched and written about the mechanisms involved in this issue, it appears that there have been experimental efforts, on a global level, to create artificial "cloud cover" shields from devastating UV rays that have resulted from an increasingly damaged ozone layer. Recent study findings reported by NASA and NOAA reveal a 60% loss in ozone when measured in an area 11 miles above the North Polar region. This represents a much greater increase in the Arctic ozone depletion than what was measured in the previous decade. Aerial research programs into the ozone problem spearheaded by top aerobiological specialists from Italy and China are leading the way this summer into finding some lasting solutions to the seriously damaged ozone [re: Instituto di Aerobiologica, Florence, Italy] This is a global problem, not just an American problem. From what research I have done into this area, yes, the United Nations is involved, but not for the purpose of instituting The New World Order. Rather, for the express purpose of pooling resources of the best scientific minds throughout the world to devise a solution to the damaged ozone problem with involvement and contribution from just about every world country. It may have gone unnoticed, and there are those who will disagree with these findings, but the reality is that we have reached a critical stage for ozone damage. Consider these facts: In the thousands of years that the Earth has been turning every day, in the last 50 years alone, we have managed to destroy a huge percentage of the Earth's ozone layer by the burning of enormous amounts of fossil fuels, and release of chlorflourocarbons into our atmosphere. In those same years, biologists have noted a 50% decline in the amphibian population [re: Biology Archives, United States Department of Energy], at an average rate of 4-5% a year, though some of these losses have been much more sudden. Just a little less than 7% of the amphibian populations studied have gone totally extinct, with the surviving populations in "strong decline" [re: Nature, April 20, 2000]; In the last few years, coral reefs in the world's oceans have been dying. Just recently, off the coast of Florida, marine biologists found the reason - a fungal organism that has proliferated in unprecedented numbers in the oceans is eating them and many other marine lifeforms at a breakneck speed; emaciated sea mammals have beached themselves on shores with holes in their skin, dying from some cancer-like disease process we don't quite understand; "red tides"of pfeisteria, an ancient organism from the days of dinosaurs, eating holes in fish, infecting fishermen, and anyone else wandering into the water, with devastating illnesses and skin infections; scores of water fowl and fish have turned up dead on Great Lakes shorelines from polluted waters; plants and trees are increasingly infected by fungi and molds, like scaly crawler and worse, rotting them away; the human population in the last several years is experiencing dramatic increases in devastating fungal based diseases. What's happening here? When the first creatures to swim in the primordial waters of Earth - the amphibians - those creatures who have been here long before man ever stepped on the Earth, suddenly become prey for another prehistoric fungus, chytrids, in the last 20 months, after previously cohabiting alongside them without incident, then begin wiping out amphibian populations around the world - something is seriously, seriously wrong with our ecosystem. And, the human population is just now starting to feel the effects. That something seriously wrong is, in part, a perilously damaged ozone layer that has allowed a dramatic increase in UV/UV- B ionizing radiation which can penetrate water several feet. This could account for the cancer-like skin diseases of sea mammals. Skin cancers in the human population, from UV radiation exposure, has experienced a sharp increase in the last several years as well. The constant release of an overabundance of CFCs into the atmosphere has also caused a serious warming of the Earth which allows the proliferation of fungal organisms, bacteria, and viruses. The other side of that coin is an increasingly polluted environment from our slavish dependence on fossil fuels, "superfarming" and the overuse of fertilizing agents which run-off into ponds, lakes, rivers, streams, and provide the perfect breeding grounds for the overgrowth of fungal organisms. Team that with acid rain and you've added some more food to the fungal growth factor. All these factors have a synergistic effect on each other and result in an ecosystem dangerously out of balance, teetering on being overrun by fungal organisms that are causing the demise of many life forms, plant and animal. These organisms (algae, and its relatives molds and fungus) were the very first lifeforms on Earth dating all the way back to the days of purely protozoan life forms. That they are still around today not only going stronger than ever but apparently mutating into a predator for our oldest ancestors, the amphibians, says a lot for their formidable constitutions and does not bode well for us. What do Chemtrails have to do with fungus? It is my belief that the increased aerial activity needed to create a reasonably constant, at least partial, cloud cover, necessary to keep dangerous UV/UV-B rays at bay, have sensitized human respiratory systems to such an extent that leaves them susceptible to the growing fungal menace in our environment. These sensitizations, or allergic reactions, could be caused by either by the kerosene-like jet fuel (JP-8 and JP8 + 100) used by the jets that make these cloud-cover contrails. These kerosene-like fuels have a high carbon burn-off residue and their aerosol has been cited by OSHA to be problematic to human respiratory sytems [re: OSHA studies JP-8 ground crew results, March 1999] resulting in prolonged bouts of bronchitis with a hacking cough and sore throat. Or, perhaps, there is an as of yet unknown ingredient present in the contrails themselves that could be causing the sensitization, although I would think this less likely. To date, inquiries into efforts to perform spectragraphic studies on contrail aerosol have not yielded any agencies willing to take on the task. In people with asthma or already-existing environmental allergies, their symptoms are much more acute. I have interviewed many people who tell me that they have environmental allergies and/or asthma and that when they go out under heavily contrail'd skies their symptoms increase dramatically. Conversely, individuals who don't have environmental allergies seem to suffer much less severely from being exposed to contrail laden skies and some not at all. This nearly constant sensitization by the constant exposure in the environment to the fine carbon particulate combustion residue from jet fuel in our breathing space, compounded by other environmental pollutants, works to create an environment inside the lungs, nasal passages, eyes, skin, i.e. increased fluid, that promotes fungal growth and assists fungal infections to take stronger hold. And once a fungal infection takes hold in lungs and other organs this makes a person much more susceptible to bacterial and/or viral infections setting in, creating a seriously ill patient. I believe this is what accounts for the "flu-like" illnesses that people have reported - not flu at all, but a fungal respiratory syndrome with more than likely bacterial and/or viral accompaniments. Airborne fungal pathogens (from inhalation of their spores) affect the upper respiratory system, as well as ears and eyes, causing symptoms similar to flu, pneumonia and even tuberculosis, as well as conjunctivitis "pinkeye". These fungi also can spread to tissues throughout the body, causing widespread disease. Really good statistics on fungal based diseases do not exist as they are not, as of yet, communicable, i.e. passed from person to person, diseases like STDs, TB, etc. and do not need to be reported to the CDC or state health departments. However, it is reported in clinical literature on fungal infections that they are quite definitely on a dramatic rise in the human population. They have always affected those with comprised immune systems, but people with normal immune systems have experienced a dramatic rise in fungal infections recently in the United States. For instance, in the 1980s, in California, one of the sunshine states that typically have low growths of fungus because of the relative dryness, fungal infections were low. In the last five years, fungal infections in California, and other dry western states with typically lower fungal infection rates have literally skyrocketed. And in states, like Michigan, with dark, lush forestry and lots of rain and not a lot of hot sunshine that provides the perfect growing fields for fungus, fungal infections of all types are at an all time high. Unusual fungal infections, like rhinosporidiosis, are more and more cropping up in nonindigenous areas like North America where previously they were only found in India and Asia. The infecting fungal organism is either being carried by the jet stream or tropical storms, or, perhaps, birds. Global warming compounded by El Nino has caused this fungal overgrowth, and even bacterial and viral proliferation. Organisms that would normally die off in cold weather have stayed around longer, allowing for a much more concentrated proliferation of pathogens present in the atmosphere. Every time we take a breath in our current environment, we breathe in fungal spores, bacteria and viruses of a much higher degree than we ever have in the past, accompanied by environmental pollutants which serve to sensitize our lungs and our bodies to becoming the perfect host for these organisms to take root in causing numerous disease processes like pneumonia, and other upper respiratory illnesses, ENT illnesses, meningitis, heart disease, gastrointestinal disease, vision problems, hearing problems and skin problems. And what about those low-level C-130 biological material drops? Although I have no definitive proof of this, and may never find it, judging by the research and facts I have to date, I believe these are efforts to address the ensuing fungal infestation problem at ground or near-ground level. These "goo drops" in residential areas, by the way, have also been reported in Italy, Australia, and England. By dropping organisms into the environment in this way, perhaps, these are efforts to try and eradicate, or slow down the rapid environmental growth of, these organisms. This is a brief synopsis of on-going research I am doing into this phenomenon, and I will continue to document this phenomenon throughout the summer of 2000 and hope to have more definitive answers by then which I will then share publicly with everyone.