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Subj:	 UFO ROUNDUP, Volume 5 Number 48
Date:	11/30/00 9:51:20 AM Pacific Daylight Time
From: (John Hayes)

Posted on behalf of Joseph Trainor.


Volume 5, Number 48
November 30, 2000
Editor: Joseph Trainor


      Another UFO was sighted in southern Russia last week.
      "Residents of Chervishevo in the Tyumen region" west of
Baku and the Caspian Sea "saw an unusual phenomenon
Thursday," November 16, 2000.  "An RIA (Russian news
agency--J.T.) correspondent reports  that at approximately
6:30 p.m. local time Ludmilla Kovaleva and her young daughter,
Yulya, went into the yard of their house" in Chervishevo
"and could see 'a small dot with a long shiny tail'  for
several minutes."
      "Ms. Kovaleva said this was the second case in the seven
years she and her family have lived in the village.  The Kovalevas
saw 'something that looked like a comet but with a long
tail'  back in April 2000."
      "Nobody knows what it might be--an unidentified
flying object, a meteorite fragment, a comet, a satellite or the
aftermath of some flight test carried out at a military base
      The North Caucasus region is still buzzing with talk
about the huge luminous UFO that overflew the
Magaramkent district on Tuesday, November 15, 2000.
      ""Russian border guards, who report almost every
day the capture of 'Chechen militants' who are trying to
cross the Azerbaijan border illegally, have now stated
that they have seen a flying saucer on the border between
the two nations."
      However, a spokesman for "the border troops of the
Azerbaijan Ministry of National Defense said, 'Our border
guards have not seen any 'flying saucer.''"
      "The Russian Air Force dismissed on Thursday,"
November 16, 2000, "reports that an unidentified
flying object was sighted in Dagestan early on Tuesday,"
November 14, 2000.
      "The daily report by the Interior Ministry
of *Russia's) Dagestan region said the guards at two
Russian frontier posts saw a UFO at 1:45 p.m. over
Russia's border with Azerbaijan."
      "The guards, stationed near the villages of
Kazmalyar and Novyy Filya in Dagestan's
Magaramkent district, said they watched an object
flying quickly at an altitude of about 100 meters
(330 feet) for almost four minutes."
      "They said the object was moving (east) toward the
Caspian Sea from the vicinity of the local (Caucasus)
      "Three lights on the object, 'two meters apart from each
other,' were evidence that the object was not a missile
fired from neighboring Chechnya, the guards said."
      "Meanwhile, North Caucasus border guard chief
Gen. Yevgeni Bolkhovitin said on Thursday 'a central air
defense control post' had told him that the supposed
UFO had been 'a Russian space vehicle.'"
      But "the Air Force spokesman in Moscow dismissed
the general's remarks."
      "'Gen. Bolkhovitin's assertion, with reference to a
central air defense control post, that a Russian space
vehicle flew over Dagestan was not true to fact,' spokesman
Aleksandr Brobyshevsky told Interfax (Russian news
      "'We don't have any such posts in the North
Caucasus region,' he said."  (See the newspaper
Ekspress of Baku, Azerbaijan for November 15, 2000,
"The flight of the saucer."  Also RIA and Interfax reports
for November 17, 2000,  Many thanks to Martin
Montague for these reports.)


      Morrison County, just east of Little Falls,
Minnesota (population 3,000) has seen may UFO
sightings over the years, according to one resident.
      In addition to last week's UFO sighting (See
UFO Roundup, volume 5, number 47, "Woman
motorist sees a hovering UFO in Minnesota,"
page 5), states reader Todd Madson.
      Todd "wanted to mention that I'm fairly familiar with
the area, having passed through Little Falls to go to a
childhood friend's home on a number of
occasions.  That entire area is very rural and not
known for having a lot of air traffic."
      "That friend and I saw something really unusual in
the winter of 1979 while we were snowmobiling on a
frozen lake in Pierz (population 850)," about 10 miles
(16 kilometers) east of Little Falls.
      The UFO "was flying a good distance away and could have
not seemingly been ours."
      Todd and his girlfriend of the time had an even more
dramatic UFO sighting on February 14, 1989 in
nearby Biscay, Minn.
      "Anyway, my Feb. 14, 1989 sighting was notable as it
shows there were  small unusual craft were being flown
over rural western Minnesota."
      "We had been driving" through Biscay "and saw what
appeared to be lights attached to a pair of smokestacks
in a field but couldn't see any factory or stacks at all.
There was a pair of hovering green and red lights.  I told
her to pull over and we did."
      "They were stationary for a moment, then began
moving forward and eventually passed overhead at an
altitude of 250 to 350 feet (75 to 105 meters).  As it
happened, the streetlight near the highway was shedding
light, and it lit the bottom of these things and lit them up
really nicely.  They were flying probably 30 to 50 feet
(9 to 15 meters) apart, one to the front and right of the
other one."
      "What they were were two black aircraft with very
quiet engines similar to an F-117 (Stealth fighter--J.T.)
but the empennage was completely wrong.  And these
things were flying so slowly you could walk right along with
them.  I heard the engines ramping up, and they eventually
started accelerating faster.  The (objects') plan/form was
a black triangle with a 79-degree wing sweep but it
appeared to have more roundness to the shape. and the
F-117 tail was nowhere in evidence.  I am tempted to
create a computer graphic of what I saw.  When they did fly
over, there were two dim yellowish-white lights pointing
downward roughly where the landing gear would have been
on an F-117."
      "They flew overhead from north to east paralleling the
highway, and we managed to follow them for awhile until
they left us in the dust."
      Little Falls is on Minnesota Highway 27 about
95 miles (152 kilometers) northwest of Minneapolis.
(Many thanks to Todd Madson for this report)
(Editor's Note:  Little Falls was the boyhood home of
the famous American pilot, Charles A. Lindbergh Jr., who
flew The Spirit of St. Louis from New York City to
Paris in 1927.)


      On Friday, November 17, 2000, at 9 p.m., the witness,
Castor, was driving on Interstate Highway I=95 in the
rural west end of Seabrook, New Hampshire
(population 740) when he "witnessed the craft hovering
at approximately 1,000 feet (300 meters).  The two
craft were flying in tandem when they separated
launched a star-like fireball in a northerly direction."
      "One craft had four white lights which were located
an equal distance apart, which were blinking in
unison like an automobile directional signal *light).
The other craft had a red and white light."
      "This was rush-hour traffic so I suppose a number of
people witnessed the event.  After the star-like fireball
was fired, the two craft moved slowly in a northwesterly
direction.  I had pulled into a (highway) rest area and
watched until the craft moved beyond my view.  The
entire event lasted approximately 15 to 20 seconds."
      Seabrook is just east of I-95 and located about
10 miles (16 kilometers) south of Portsmouth.
(Email Form Report).


      On Tuesday, November 21, 2000, at 7:15 p.m.,
Marvin L. reports, "My son was out shopping on U.S.
Highway 27 here" in Cold Spring, Kentucky
(population 3,700) "He and my daughter, one of his
friends and my (other) daughter were driving northbound."
      "They saw a light that was blue/white.  He said it got
brighter, and a red light came out of the top of it and
the red light took off at a high speed.  Then the
blue/white light began to strobe."
      "By the time he got home was about ten
minutes after he saw it.  I went outside and saw what
appeared to be a yellowish-white light in the same position.
It was in the west/southwest sky.  My daughter was very scared.
It would fade a little bit.  My son and his friends all left to
take her (the daughter's) boyfriend and another friend home.."
      "And then my wife came about ten minutes later.  When I
went back out, the light had disappeared.  What it was
I don't know.  It was there for about 10 to 15 minutes."
      Marvin described the UFO as "a yellow, almost
cross-like (cruciform) shape in the sky.  My son said it
first looked like a triangle.  And strobing blue/white with
a red streak coming out of it."
      Cold Spring, Kentucky is located about
30 miles (48 kilometers) northeast of Lexington.
(Email Form Report)


      A New Mexico couple has confirmed the recent
sighting of a UFO hovering over Deming, New Mexico
(population 11,000).
      On Thursday, October 26, 2000, at 4 p.m.,
Francisca Serivano and her husband were driving on
Interstate Highway I-10 near Deming when they spied the
UFO hovering over the community.  (See UFO
Roundup, volume 5, number 45, "Hovering UFO seen
near Deming, New Mexico," page 9.)
      "My husband and I were driving to Las Cruces that
afternoon and spotted that same object at around 4 p.m.
It was a dark color, metallic looking and was wedge-
shaped.  It must have been over the town for hours
because" truck driver Tom Hall, "the other witness
reported seeing it at 8:10 p.m."
      "Anyway, just wanted to share my sighting with
you guys."
      Deming is located 80 miles ((128 kilometers) west
of Las Cruces.  (Email Form Report)


      "After years of government denials, a secret tape
recording of a U.S. Air Force officer proves that a UFO
landed" in East Anglia, UK in 1980.
      "A blockbuster new book, You Can't Tell the People,
by Georgina Bruni (Macmillan, 2000) contains a spine-
chilling 30-minute transcript of tapes made by U.S. Air
Force Lt. Col. Charles Halt, speaking into a recorder as
he witnessed the spacecraft approach him and land in
the woods."
      "Halt led the search party that was sent out after
eerie lights were spotted near the U.S. air base in Suffolk,
      "'It's moving from side to side.  Strange--it's like the
pupil of an eye looking at you, and the flash is so bright
that it almost burns your eye.'"
      "Halt then goes on to describe two other strange-
looking objects in the night sky before the UFOs move away
from him and his men."
      "'There's definitely some kind of phenomenon,' he says"
on the tape, "'We got two strange objects, half-moon shape,
dancing around with colored lights about five to ten miles
      "'The half-moons have now turned into full circles.'"
      "Former (USAF) Sgt. Adrian Bustinza, who was also
the search team and now works for the U.S. State
Department supervising criminal investigations, says
he saw the mysterious craft immediately before and after it
      'When I arrived, it was going in and out through
the trees, and at one stage it was hovering,' Bustinza
told Bruni, 'Then it went over to a clearing at the edge
of the forest.'"
      "'By the time we got to the clearing, it had already
landed.  When this thing landed, Halt was already there.'"
      "'I didn't see it land, but I saw it take off.  It kind of
hovered at first, then took off.  At the time, I thought we
were dealing with an extraterrestrial visitation.  I can't say
I saw beings, but I saw outlines of something.'"
      "Bruni has also found photos taken the next
morning that show flattened patches of earth where
the UFO sat, along with a cover letter from (RAF)
Squadron Leader Donald Morland attached to Halt's
report of the incident."
      "'The interesting thing about it is that it's titled
UFO,' says Bruni, 'Now why did he call it that if it
was something else?'"  (See the National Examiner
for November 29, 2000, "Secret tape proves...UFO
landed near U.S. Air Force base." page 42.)


      Instead of the New Millenium, it's beginning to look
like the New Deluge, as unusual torrential rainstorms
continue to afflict countries all over the Earth.
      In UK, the latest in a series of devastating autumn
storms came off the Irish Sea during the weekend of
November 25 and 26, 2000, and the "weekend rains
raised the total autumn rainfall figure to 18 inches,
bringing to a close the wettest fall since accurate
weather recordkeeping began" back in 1765.
      In Italy, "two car accidents caused by torrential
rains killed five people" during the weekend if
November 25 and 26.  "The city of Venice was
put on flood alert."
      On the other side of the world, in Indonesia,
"more than 150 people were killed by torrential rains, floods and
landslides" in the island nation and also in
neighboring Thailand and Malaysia.  (See USA Today
for November 28, 2000, "Heavy rains, floods swamp
Europe, Asia," page 15A.)

from the UFO Files...


      Sunday evening, November 12, 1972, found Harold
Truter, the principal of Rosmead Junior School, driving
home after a weekend holiday.  As he drove into Rosmead,
a small town in South Africa located about 200 kilometers
(120 miles) north of Port Elizabeth, he spotted an unusual
light in the sky.
      Through the car's windscreen (windshield in the USA--
J.T.) Truter could see the school building up ahead,
with its attached bungalow living quarters, and to the left a
tennis court with a high chainlink fence and a grove of eight
bluegum trees.  A strange bright greenish-white flickering
glow hovered above the tennis court.
      What the bloody hell--!> the principal thought.
      Turning off the highway, he drove down a short road and
pulled into the driveway.  As he emerged from the car, he
espied "a strange light in the sky but considered it to be
a natural but unusual phenomenon."
      The "distant light" was now a good 183 meters
(600 feet) away, hovering over a peaked ridgeline that
towered over a nearby construction site.  Numerous
dark silent trucks crouched at the foot of the hill.
      Truter frowned thoughtfully.  Must be a helicopter...
      But there was no engine noise, just the whisper of
wind through the leaves of the bluegum trees.
      Returning to the car, Truter unlocked the boot
(trunk in the USA--J.T.) and began
taking the luggage out.
      But as he carried two suitcases past the tennis
court, the principal's nose detected the scent of burned oil.
      Peering through the chainlink fence, Truter "saw that
the surface of the tennis court had been broken up and
tar (asphalt) and coal ash had been lifted up and
      Truter tugged at the tennis court gate.  It was
locked.  He ten tried the door on the bungalow.  That,
too, was securely locked.  He vividly remembered locking
it himself late Friday afternoon.
      He glanced back at the tennis court.  Asphalt chunks
littered the surface.  Gaping holes about five inches
(12.5 centimeters) deep had been torn in a lateral direction
parallel to the white lines.  He saw a pool of molten tar
glistening in the dim light.
      After unlocking the door, he went inside and rang
the police.
      "Investigation of the tennis court indicated a
symmetrical pattern of identical holes; some of the
tar from the court had been strewn 183 meters
(600 feet) away, on to a ridge nearby."
      "Bluegum trees alongside the tennis court had been
badly burnt and they died about two months later,"
in January 1973.
      Interestingly, the Rosmead police told Truter "that
there were many other UFO reports received from the
same area at the same time, including reports of
sightings by (South African) police officers."
      "Analysis of samples taken from the site
indicated no obvious anomalies, though (they)
indicated no solution, either."
      "Whether or not the tennis court was the landing site
of a UFO remains speculated by some; but unproven."
(See the book World Atlas of UFOs by John Spencer,
Hamlyn Publishing Group, London, 1991, page 149.
Also The UFO Encyclopedia, compiled and
edited by John Spencer, Avon Books, New York, N.Y.,
1993, page 297.)

      That's it for this week.  Join us in seven days for
more UFO and paranormal news from around the plane
Earth, brought to you by "the paper that goes home--
UFO Roundup."  See you then.

UFO ROUNDUP: Copyright 2000 by Masinaigan
Productions, all rights reserved.  Readers may post
news items from UFO Roundup on their websites or in
newsgroups provided that they credit the newsletter and
its editor by name and list the date of issue in which
the item first appeared.

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