TWO   IMPORTANT   ANNOUNCEMENTS   P R E S E N T E D    B Y S I R I U S    U F O   S P A C E   S C I E N C E S    R E S E A R C H   C E N T E R  I s t a n b u l   -   T U R K E Y
  “THE  THIRD  ANNUAL  INTERNATIONAL   U F O  &  NEW AGE  SYMPOSIUM  of   EASTERN - EUROPE, BALKANS and MIDDLE-EAST”   I s t a n b u l     -     November   2 0 0 1   &   “ THE   S I R I U S   PUBLISHING  HOUSE ”   have  just been established and we are so happy that a lot of important  UFO & NEW AGE  titles by world’s leading Scientists, Researchers, Abductees and Contactees in this field, will soon be available in Turkish to the people of Turkey ( all book applications are welcome… )
  SIRIUS  U F O  SPACE  SCIENCES  RESEARCH  CENTER  (SUSSRC) I s t a n b u l  -  T U R K E Y Was founded in May, 1998 in Istanbul,  as a non-profit tax-exempt Research and Educational Organisation, founded and directed by 'Haktan Akdogan'. It is a scientific, philosophical and ethical association established for the purpose of broadcasting information regarding UFO’s, ETs, and Spiritual Phenomena explainable through experiment and objective knowledge. The Aim and Purpose of SUSSRC is; -         to provide research and education in the field of UFO, Space and Psychic Phenomena, -         the systematic collection and analysis of UFO data; best evidence and witnesses, photos, videos, official documents, and continuing examination and analysis of them, -         to promote serious scientific interest in UFOs and to serve as an archive for reports, documents, and materials about UFO  phenomena, -         to research and scientifically explain every sort of Psychic Phenomena, -         to study the nature of human existence and to prevent the misinterpretation of the knowledge thus obtained by conducting various spiritual experiments and investigations, -         to serve the promotion of higher moral principles and spiritual values, -         to serve in examining positive morality within present knowledge and in promoting the emergence of transcendent spiritual values for strengthening unity, wholeness and solidarity amongst humanity,  To Accomplish These Goals Our Association : -         Organizes weekly meetings, conferences and gives courses and seminars, -         With over 1900 volumes on the subject of UFOs, Sprituality and related issues, our library has the richest collection of metapsychical literature in Turkey, -         Also holds National and International Conferences and Symposiums, -         Cooperates, communicates and establishes relationships with individuals   and institutions on a national or international scale. and exchanges knowledge with other Organisations that are working in service of the     same objectives, -         It also produces multimedia publications (audio - video tapes, bulletins,..etc), -         Broadcasts Television and Radio Programmes: We have produced and broadcasted 40 episodes of weekly documentary TV. Programme about UFO’s called “ U F O  Reality ”, on two of the most watched national TV. Channels  (Star TV and Channel 6 ) of Turkey. -         We have also hosted a weekly Radio programme about UFOs and Psychic Phenomena at “Cool FM” for a long period of time.. -         Our founder and chairman Mr. Haktan Akdogan has appeared on more than 55 national TV shows and been on countless radio programs..                       -         The interviews made with Mr. Akdogan, have also taken place in numerous national newspapers and magazines. Mr. Akdogan continues to speak at numerous national and international conferences.. -         We have just established “The SIRIUS Publishing House” and are so happy that a lot of important UFO & New Age related books by world’s most important scientists, researchers, abductees and contactees will soon be available in Turkish to the people of Turkey..(all applications are welcome) -         By utilising every source of knowledge, explains the issues related to the spiritual being with a global understanding; experimental work, surveys, field studies, and literature studies related to this issue are carried out, evaluated and then communicated through mass media services, communication systems and national and international conferences,     “Sirius UFO Space Sciences Research Center” would also like to inform you of the “Third Annual International U F O and NEW AGE Symposium of Eastern-Europe , Balkans and Middle-East” which will take place on the 17th and 18th of November 2001 in Istanbul by the participation of world’s leading Scientists, Researchers, Abductees and Contactees..       This follows the First and Second International UFO and NEW-AGE Symposium which were of a tremendous success and was met by a huge public interest which still continues.                                                                                                                                                                   The First one took place on the 20th and 21st of February 1999 in Istanbul and was attended by over 5200 people from Turkey and from various neighbouring countries. It also attracted mass media coverage of over 285 journalists and reporters from different countries.       The speakers at the First International UFO & NEWAGE Symposium were;
Erich von Daniken    ( Researcher - Writer )  
Stanton T.Friedman  ( Nucleer Physicist - Researcher - Writer )  
Budd Hopkins         ( Expert on Abduction - Researcher - Writer )  
Micheal Lindemann  ( Editor of CNI News - Researcher - Writer )  
Dr. Bruce Maccabee  ( Physicist - Researcher - Writer )  
Prof.John E.Mack      (Harvard Univ.Psychology Sciences - Abduction Expert)  
Prof. Brian O’Leary  (NASA Astronaut - Physicist - Astronomer - Writer )  
Marina Popovich      (Russian Cosmonaut - Test Pilot - Researcher - Writer)  
Travis Walton          ( Abductee - Writer )  
George Wingfield       ( Researcher - Writer )  
The Speakers for The Second  International Symposium which took place recently on the 23rd of June through 25th  of June 2000,  were:    
  Sheldan Nidle           ( Contactee - Writer )  
Wendelle Stevens      ( Ret. Lt. Col. US Air Force - Researcher - Writer )  
Derrel Sims            ( CIA Ex-Officer - Researcher -Writer )  
Nick Pope      ( High Executive Officer U.K. Ministry of Defense - Writer )  
Lyssa Royal           ( Contactee - Writer )  
Donald Ware     (Ret. Lt. Col. USAF - International UFO Congress Director)  
Robert O. Dean      (Ret. Command Serg. Major, USAF - NATO - Writer)  
Marcia Schafer      ( Contactee - Writer )  
K.T. Frankovich       ( Contactee - Writer - Film Producer )  
Kelly Cahill           ( Abductee - Writer -Researcher )  
Budd Hopkins      ( Abduction Expert - Researcher - Writer )  
Prof.John E.Mack   (Harvard Univ.Psychology Sciences - Abduction Expert)  
Stanton T.Friedman  ( Nucleer Physicist - Researcher - Writer ) 
Sean D. Morton (TV-Film Producer on UFO&Psychic - Writer -Researcher)
-         Besides these Annual International Symposiums, we also organise Special Events of world's leading contactees and channelers in this field. For example;  we had recently organised the "P'TAAH Event" by Jani King in Istanbul on the 22nd through 25th of September 2000. Mankind is now more than ever in need of a unifying knowledge.Humanity must evolve hand in hand in accordance with the Law of Universal Mutual Assistance and Solidarity. Love and Light,   Haktan Akdogan Founder and Chairman Sirius U F O Space Sciences Research Center,  Istanbul - TURKEY    
TO   CONTACT  US  : SIRIUS  U F O  SPACE  SCIENCES  RESEARCH  CENTER  (SUSSRC) I s t a n b u l  -  T U R K E Y   Tel:   +90 - 216 - 369 92 48    or    369 92 52 Fax: + 90 - 216 - 369 92 52 E-mail :   Address:   18 Mart Sk. No:9, C: Blok,  D:15  Ciftehavuzlar I s t a n b u l   /   TURKEY   “PLEASE  FORWARD  THIS  MESSAGE  TO  YOUR MAILING  LIST!”      
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