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Christmas, Origins and Babylonian cultures


Jeff Behnke and P3N Newsgroups

The opinions expressed here are not the only possible explanations for the material which we are about to examine. These views do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of UFO Resource Center, its staff or affiliates. This material is published here as just one possible expression of history that explains an area in historty that is rather fuzzy, as most of the records available at this time are questionable at best.

Subj:	 Re: [paranormalnews] The Origins of Christmas
Date:	11/7/00 8:11:22 AM Pacific Daylight Time
From: ( L.G. Sikes)
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Paranormal News -

Christmas was the Germanic Celebration of the Winter Solstice, combined with
the Celtic Celebration of same and Catholicism could not prevent these Pagan
Celebrations so they simply changed the name of same to Christ's Mass, ie.,
Christmas.  I thought everyone knew this!!  Babylon has nothing to do with
Christmas, and it was not a city founded by Cain's Progeny, but the Jewish
religion now has incorporated the religious tenants of Babylon into its
Blessed be.
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Subject: [paranormalnews] The Origins of Christmas

> Paranormal News -
> Everyone celebrates Christmas these days, even people who have no
> religious upbringing. They consider it a national holiday dedicated to the
> giving and receiving of gifts, as well as a day dedicated to mass
> commercialism. If you think the frenzy surrounding the Playstation2 was
> big, consider what it would have been like if it had taken place just a
> few days before Christmas. Ouch. But given the fact that everyone seems to
> celebrate the day, what does it actually represent? Christians believe it
> represents the day that Christ was born, even if many know that he wasn't
> actually born at that moment. But what has December 25th meant in the
> past? Why celebrate it with a Christmas tree? And why the lights, the
> decorations?
> I don't know how many of you have heard of this before, but the origin of
> Christmas really gets interesting if you search the internet and find
> articles written by unknown pastors that no one has heard of before,
> pastors that are either determined to prove that Catholicism is the source
> of all evil, or pastors that are determined to undermine every religious
> aspect of modern day life as sinful and condemnatory. You cannot separate
> Christmas from religion-and why should you? It's too much fun that way.
> For example...
> December 25th
> Going way back to some of the earliest accounts, one tradition coming from
> Babylon sets aside December 25th as a day to celebrate the "Victory of the
> Sun-God," which I personally find interesting, considering that the Sun
> also is a representation of the antichrist. Throughout the Old Testament,
> Satan is referred to as "The bright and morning star" a.k.a. the Sun, so
> it is extremely ironic that the day we use to celebrate Christ's birth is
> the same day representing the Victory of the sun. Long live Satan!
> Nimrod, the founder of Babylon and descendant of Cain, also celebrated his
> birthday as well as his son's birthday on December 25th. He is known as
> the main instigator and creator of the famous Tower of Babel-the prime
> representation of the evil intentions of mankind to set himself above God.
> Tales have been spun stating that Nimrod wanted to replace the worship of
> God with the worship of himself, and did so by setting up customs that
> appear on the surface to be godly, but underneath merely represented the
> worship of Nimrod. As a result, Nimrod has been considered the Supreme
> antichrist within the New Testament-yet we continue to-possibly--celebrate
> his birthday year in and year out on December 25th.
> If that isn't enough, Nimrod also had a wife named in some languages as
> Ishtar. When Nimrod died, she was afraid of losing her power, so as a
> result, she decided to lie and say that Nimrod was reincarnated as his own
> son. To commemorate THAT event, she instigated the coloring of eggs-a
> representation of fertility and rebirth. We fortunately celebrate that day
> as well: Ishtar/Easter! Long live Nimrod!
> But wait! There's more...
> Santa Claus
> Now, I may be ignorant on this point, but you've probably heard of Santa
> Claus (a.k.a. Saint Nicholas). A big fat stomach, a long beard, and riding
> a sleigh with his reindeer. So what, right? What does he have to do with
> anything? Well, I don't mean to burst your bubble but these wild and crazy
> scholars have found depictions of a Babylonian ruler--known as Nimrod
> (have I heard of that before?) --sporting a long beard and carrying a
> reindeer and a Christmas tree. I'm telling you, boys and girls, this is
> too good to be true, but here's your first glimpse of the original Santa
> Claus:
> Holy batmobiles! Hmmm...could it be..Satan?
> But wait, church lady! There's more...
> The Christmas Tree
> "Silver and gold...silver and gold..."
> Scholarly research on the origin of Christmas also points out an unusual
> German ritual surrounding the fir tree. In 1605, a letter was written by
> an unknown scholar recounting the tradition of placing fir trees in the
> parlors of Strasbourg and decorating them with roses, apples, wafers,
> sweets, dolls, and colored paper. The point of doing so was confusing to
> the scholar and he had no idea why the tradition took place. It is
> possible, however, that it comes from the following: within German
> paganism, people believed that their gods could transform themselves into
> fir trees. When German battles commenced, soldiers prayed to their gods
> and stated that they would bring back the spoils of war and dedicate
> everything they claimed on the battlefield to their gods. Thus, it was
> often the case that soldiers would bring back the bodies of those they had
> killed and hang their heads on fir trees and lay the bodies beneath-thus
> offering up to their gods the "spoils of war." So next time you're hanging
> up ornaments, remember the bodies go BELOW the tree and the heads go ON
> the tree.
> But what about the Paranormal?
> Yes, what DOES this have to do with the paranormal? One word: Nimrod.
> Known as a mighty man, a nephalim, a giant. In the picture he is sporting
> wings. If this doesn't ring a bell, you need to do some more reading. Is
> he an angel, a demon...or possibly--an alien? Do some research and get
> back to me. In the meantime..
> Merry Christmas! (albeit an early one...but what the hell, it's just
> Nimrod)
> Jeff Behnke
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