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Dr. Colli and Dr. Beck, Phd


Specialized treatment for alien abnormalady

Subj: Interpersonal Communication :0) Date: 11/18/00 2:11:31 AM Pacific Daylight Time From: Kx32i483 To: Dear Colli and Beck, Hello...let me introduce myself...My name is Christopher Montgomery. I am the International Director of UFORCE (US) currently residing in the Seattle, WA area. Have you heard about our "Resource Center?" If not, you can visit our home page. When we say UFO, we mean the object and the phenomenon By now, you have probably heard the name mentioned somewhere on the Internet. I am UFO investigator, now have devoted a great deal of my life researching the UFO phenom, while developing a web community of dedicated researchers, volunteers, writers, film producers, radio/TV/film personalities ALL of similar interest. We strive to play a major role in bringing the popular media full circle and right into the mainstream of the UFO reality. I became interested in your link, while searching the [caus] early this morning. Doing the usual, webmastering, corresponding, publishing information. Since we began two years ago, the UFO Resource Center has brought a lifetime of research on the net, providing news, case reports and "resources" for those seek knowledge. I am speaking on behalf of all of our Directors, when I cordially invite you to send us a synopsis or post that relates to your web site, (with no length or restrictions)....of particular interest is your mission to assist those who are struggling with their UFO encounters. Your services would definately be a valuable resource. I know of one man in the Seattle area, who could desperately benefit from your expertise. His encounters have been a source of considerble psychic and emotional trauma, from which he has never fully recovered. We continue to follow this case, but this man is in need of professional services, due to the scars that he has retained to date from his initial and subsequent alien encouters which began (to his recollection) at seven years old. Let me know of your interest in this case. Last hypnosis session resulted in a solid barrier to further hypnotic exploration...a screen memory was firmly in place. Please consider corresponding with our contactees who have need of intervention and emergency counseling so that they can get the help they need to move on from the UFO as fear paralysis to UFO as a symbol of collective consciousness and new perceptual awarness. We feature web-sites in our UFO case files and UFO news pages on a regular basis, may we include yours? I would be very interested in hearing your opinion on my research into the parapsychic aspects of the UFO encounters, which is my specialized area of resaerch... I would also like to know what led you into this area of specialized counseling...are you experiencers also? Thank you for your valuable time and prompt consideration of link-back! Sincerely Chris :0) Christopher Montgomery International Director UFORCE (US) Dave Cosnette International Director, UFORCE (UK) ======== Subj: Re: Interpersonal Communication :0) Date: 11/20/00 8:57:44 PM Pacific Daylight Time From: (Janet Colli, Ph.D. & Thomas Beck, Ph.D.) To: Dear Christopher, We are quite surprised and pleased to hear of your winter sojourn in Seattle! Thanks for introducing yourself and your website. We do offer services for people that have experienced close encounters. We have specialized in this phenomenom for about 7 years, and did doctoral research on it as well (see our website for dissertations). As psychotherapists, we help people process and integrate the encounters--from trauma to enlightenment, we like to say. We offer hypnosis and EMDR (an eye movement therapy that is effective w/trauma), and conduct our practice in Seattle on a fee-for-service basis. Regarding the man in Seattle that might need professional services: Is he already working with a therapist or a hypnotherapist with training in trauma? We do not do hypnosis merely for memory recall, especially when the person has suffered "considerable psychic and emotional trauma." Integrating such experiences can be difficult in our current culture of denial; many people that contact us via our website have not told anyone of their experience... We are sometimes the first people to hear the full story! So by all means, please pass on our information (206-329-9235) to those that might need it. Email or correspondence, we try to keep to a minimum, preferring instead to refer people on to local professionals (if any exist) that might deal in person with them. You might want a link to P.E.E.R., and other referral sources, on your site. We are however, the main professionals in the northwest, along with our colleague, Janet Carter, M.S.W., in Sequim. What webpage features your research into the parapsychic aspects of the UFO encounters? (I confess that I do not have the patience (or modum) to spend much time sifting through extensive websites.) As far as your question, how we first got into this... we were hooked when we first read Betty Andreasson's case in Raymond Fowler's books in 1979. When we did our doctoral research, we knew we wanted to work with experiencers, so we did! But that story is told in our unpublished book, "Enlightenment! The Alien Conspiracy." By the way, if you have any leads on agents or publishers, please let us know. Close encounter books are apparently not popular these days with the big publishers... Thanks again for contacting us! Janet Colli




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