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Remote Viewing, NASA, and Anomalous Mars Structures


FROM SPACE NEWS Correspondent Mike V

In an excellent book about psychic phenomena entitled _Psychic Wars: Parapsychology in Espionage-and Beyond_by Elmar R. Gruber, I found the following passage in a section dealing with the 25-year history of the U.S. government's use of remote viewing. Joe McMoneagle was one of the Army's best RVers. (He still continues thework privately.)

As Gruber relates the story: "One day he was locked into a windowless room so tht he could not see who would come to bring the target pictures. It was a member of NASA. He brought several envelopes containing coordinates. At the start of the session the cordinates were read out to McMoneagle. The first impression McMoneagle had was of a pyramid. He assumed the target area to be in Egypt, but was confused because he described corridors and rooms he knew did not exist in Egyptian pyramids. In this fashion he described all the target areas. The first six were correct, but when he got to the seventh he was tired and had no success.

Everybody believed these were archaeological structures. After the experiment, McMoneagle was asked what impressions he had received about the culture that had built these monuments. McMoneagle stated they came from beings who were far bigger than man, and a culture that was far older than our own.

"The man from NASA had seemed to be very impressed, because McMoneagle had been able to make such exact statements about the first six targets. Only he knew where these targets were and he kept this information to himself.

"Five months later the team at Monroe (Monroe Institute where McMoneagle was studying the Hemi-Sync process--HH) received a call from NASA. They were informed that the next mission to Mars would target the coordinates McMoneagle had described. Unfortunately, the mission was a failure. Later on the pictures of the so-called Martian pyramids caused a sensation. McMoneagle is convinced these are not natural formations but served as an intermediary station for an unknown civilization."

When McMoneagle retired from the service, he was honored with the Legion of Merit medal for outstanding intelligence work. In the award document it was said he was recognized for having been "'...One of the original planners and movers of a unique intelligence project that is revolutionizing the intelligence community.'"

While this short account is somewhat unclear and is not proof of artificial structures on Mars, it is startling in its brief details and what they imply.

Whether McMoneagle was right or wrong in his RVing of the Mars' sites is not the point. What is clearly demonstrated is that NASA had a great interest in the anomalous structures on Mars that they publically have ignored and debunked. It would seem that McMoneagle's information was used as backup support for the mission already in the works.

Evidently, NASA was already planning to target the sites with the up-coming mission even before they visited McMoneagle. Of course, according to what the public was told, the mission failed and absolutely no information was gained from the probe.

From the Desk of MikeV UFORCE News Correspondent



Date: Thu, 9 Nov 2000 22:46:05 -0600
From: "Harv Howard" (
Subject: Remote Viewing, NASA, and Anomalous Mars Structures


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