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UFOs in Art Masterpieces


Aert de Gelder

The early artists, were known to incorporate history into their works, which made them permanent historic records, that were preserved better than other ways of documentation, such as parchment. The previous image that we published had for Aert de Gelder, was muddy and difficult to discern the meaning the artist was trying to indicate. Although de Gelder was known for his style of heavy pallet and art similar to Monet, was beyond his style, and so we went searching, in hopes of finding a better representation of this work. We have found a better representation of de Gelder's work, represented by this copy of an image, below. We then searched around, and inquired about this particular work by de Gelder. We found that "The Baptism of Christ," has far greater detail than the we had ever imagined, and certainly easier to discern than the one we had received and published in a previous post concerning UFOs in classic art series. Some of those details are as follows:

NAME: The Baptism of Christ by Aert de Gelder (1645-1727) which can be found in the Fitzwilliam Museum; MEDIUM: Oil on canvas, 48.3 x 37.1 cm Perhaps c. 1710. HISTORY: This painting was given to the museum by Lord Alwym Compton, Bishop of Ely, 1905. Apparently the previous owner, named Marianne, Countess of Alford, had bequeathed it to the donor, in1888

According to our art specialist, "this particular oil painting could be found, as well as other paintings showing Jesus Christ and UFO are very presents in art until french revolution when the subject was began to be a threat for Vatican (people before this time were uneducated and were not interrested in art and paintings, except in the Renaissance time, when paintings and UFO are particularly presents) De Gelder (as Rembrandt) had access to Vatican's paintings and litterature on Jesus Christ. He had surely seen other paintings with UFOs and decided to do the same. Everyone knows that Vatican owns secret paintings and literature: all works that put the religion in dander were censured.

Other pics in arts and UFO in history can be found on this French web site : and


Special thanks to OVNI and Emanuel Harang for their assistance in locating this painting.


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