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Ovoid UFO case Examined



---- Begin Original Message ----

From: "Joseph Haas" 
Sent: Tue, 07 Nov 2000 18:41:05 GMT
To: UFoForteanUK and UFOScotland 
Subject: [UFOscotland] Ohio Egg-shaped craft
(causes abdominal pain) Filer's File #44 of 6Nov00 UFO Scotland Online - Thanks for the relay to this group Louise, finding the page 3 of 9 report about the Egg-shaped craft in Cygnet, Ohio 31Oct00 that somehow gave two spectators there, both men, abdominal pain right below the rib cage, to which I ask, was it to the left side of their bodies and resembling appendicitis?, because back in the Fall of 1995 here in New Hampshire, I think it was late October, there was a mass-infection that was report in the press (page 1 bottom corner of The (state-wide) UNION LEADER newspaper, have clipping here somewhere, and verified by micro-film, that #__ people were infected, IN-cluding myself who went to the Laconia hospital it was so severe needing pain killers to then vomit whatever it was up, suspected to be from some bad batches of cider, BUT now after reading of this AND of all the chemtrail stuff I'm beginning to wonder that maybe the navigators of these craft have mastered the science of localized germ-warfare to stop any intruders into their air space by physically disabling them by a blast from some wand like what I read about some Mr. Mysterio at the Legionaire's convention years ago and of course like in Nathaniel Hawthorne's short story, "The Great Carbuncle", or Native American story of some craft that landed on the summit of Mount Washington and with a creature with a stick of light that would even turn the hikers into stone! BELIEVE IT OR NOT! Yours truly, Joe, former member, (are they still in business? of:) The AAS= Ancient Astronaut Society [outside of Chicago, Illinois]. >From: >Reply-To: >To: >Subject: [UFoForteanUK] Filer's Files #44 -- 2000, MUFON Skywatch >Investigations >Date: Tue, 7 Nov 2000 07:50:09 EST > >*Filer's Files #44 -- 2000, MUFON Skywatch Investigations >George A. Filer, Director, Mutual UFO Network Eastern >November 6, 2000, Sponsored by Electronic Arts; Webmaster >C. Warren - > > >OHIO EGG SHAPED CRAFT > >CYGNET -- NUFORC reports it has received several reports from several >states >in the Midwest about this October 31, 2000, incident. An egg shaped ship >crossed the sky, stopped shot up about a half mile, hovered for a while and >changed to a multitude of colors and departed. At 7:15 PM the witness a >teacher says, "We were heading north on I-75 just south of Cygnet when we >saw >a meteor coming across the horizon from the east and out of space." It >crossed over I-75 heading west, when an explosion or emission of some kind >illuminated the craft. This event, looked not like an explosion proper, >but >rather orange, yellow and a sparkling gold bolt of lighting with many >branches! It came to a quick stop. We grabbed the video camera, but the >battery was dead. We pulled out binoculars and saw a flash of white light, >and then the ship moved up half mile. That is where it stayed until we got >to the Cygnet Road exit. The object was hovering a hundred feet above the >trees so we pulled over and stopped. A woman stopped her car in front of >us >and asked us if we saw the UFO? We exchanged names and agreed to meet >later. > The UFO was dimming, getting brighter and then turning a multitude of >colors, including red, blue, green, white, magenta and yellow. We moved >closer and it became an intense red, and that's when we decided to leave. >"I >don't like the way that this is looking!" The lights on the jeep started to >dim and brighten and then dim again and we drove away as fast as we could. >"We kept an eye on it and went back to meet up with the woman witness." >Later both men developed a pain in their abdominal region right below the >rib >cage. The abdomen was inflamed and red. Thanks to Peter B. Davenport, >Director National UFO Reporting Center > ---- End Original Message ----
Dear Group; Did anyone give you a prognosis and/or diagnosis on this ache in you abdomen that you associated with this UFO? In all my years of medical research and time in pre-med, nursing and hospice, I have only heard of radiation-like poisoning as a direct result of exposure to UFOs and their activities. Given the fact that this object changed its color/appearance, this could mean that it was shifitng through the EmG spectrum as it adjusted to our time/spacial curve... Was there any other noticable symptoms that you can remember? For further research, See OPERATION TROJAN HORSE-John Keel; BPL; Also- see the Cash/Landrum Case, [Radiation-like affect subsequents ymptomatic Rad- poisoning]. Secondly, There is always the possibility that your immunity was compromised by some unknown (agent, force, fill in the blank) so that it would mean that we must rule out any pathogenic cause/effect related to this problem.




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