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Proposed Methodolgy for UFO Investigation


From UFO Investigators International

"If, as some seem to think, the sighting of UFOs are nothing more than a symptom of psychological aberrations, then the human race has been infected by a highly contagious kind of progressive mental disease." From Coral Lorenzen - Flying Saucers-The Startling Evidence of the Invasion from Outer Space

As you may know, there are enumerable obstacles that prevent the accurate and timely reporting of a UFO event. event, including the gathering of evidence and a presentation of same to the lab for a qualified analysis. Although there are groups with a high success rate of accurate analysis and reporting, what they encounter are obstacles that hamper a stellar report card for those who are assigned the task of UFO investigation. Sometimes, it is all we can do to report the UFO event in an accurate and timely manner. In this post, we shall explore some hazards to accurate UFO investigation, including one case, where the evidence turned out to be material that was not of a UFO. We shall listen in on UFO newsgroups, while examining the methods proposed for the accurate scientific ssimilation and assessment of the data.

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BY Bill Hamilton

In researching for a scientific approach to the UFO phenomena and the wider sphere of paranormal phenomena, I stumbled on this strategy which serves as a broad approach to scientific mystery solving. My comments are in parentheses. Question: You begin with a puzzle, a mystery, a surprising event: You don't understand a phenomenon which has occurred, or which occurs regularly. (Whether it a UFO sighting, cattle mutilation, crop circle, abduction, or any beyond normal repetitive everyday event, we start to collect reports, raw data, and attempt to classify observations)

Hypothesis: Try to imagine a process or situation which meets this > criterion: If what you've imagined were really the case, the puzzling > phenomenon would make sense. (We have certainly imagined many hypotheses: Extraterrestrial, Extradimensional, secret aircraft, unknown atmospheric phenomena, balloons, pelicans, meteors, fireballs, ball lightning, etc... but which hypothesis makes sense of the collective data when assembled and analyzed?)

Testing: Find out if the hypothesis itself makes sense, by exploring its other consequences: If it were correct, what else should be observed? What would show that the hypothesis is wrong? (Suppose we hypothesize that at least some UFOs are Extraterrestrial spacecraft. If that were correct, would we observe alien-looking entities near or around such craft? Would that be sufficient to prove this hypothesis or do we need an actual craft available for examination by a team of engineers and scientists? If UFOs were not extraterrestrial, then what observations indicate this hypothesis to be in error?)

Evaluation: Decide whether the results of testing warrant accepting the hypothesis as a plausible explanation for the phenomenon. Consider the possibility of further testing, and whether other hypotheses might provide a better explanation. (Is there any protocol for testing various UFO hypotheses? Should we begin with submitting already collected evidence to a number of scientific consultants for their analysis? How would such scientists be chosen? Could we determine if they had selective bias that would preclude them from carrying out an objective investigation? Has any hypothesis already been proved, but the proof not revealed?)

The 4 steps above may not be the correct strategy in your opinion. If not, can you suggest a strategy? Scientific methods vary among scientists and layman as well. When it comes to hypotheses in science controversy is part of the dialogue. As long as this dialogue adheres to rational discussion without resort to ad hominem attacks, sweeping generalizations, and other logical fallacies, then fruitful discussion of the evidence and what it implies can proceed toward greater discovery.

Bill Hamilton Executive Director
Skywatch International, Inc.
website: ~
(Reference #2)

Observation, Hypothesis, Test, Reproduce.

By J Perkins

In the specific case of UFOs or Alien craft= You observe the phenomena is as great a detail as possible, you construct a set of physical propositions which could duplicate the observations, you construct a test platform, then test. If it doesn't work go back to step one. Of course, if you are successful, you become fabulously rich and explore the stars. If not, you just become another crackpot. The learning process is the journey to enlightenment. It has been my observation that once you have set upon a reasonable explanation, although you cannot test the theory, it serves as an excellent base to judge whether various sighting are bogus or real. J Perkins; UFO Scotland Online - #1)

HERE IS ONE EXAMPLE OF UFO EVIDENCE, THAT TURNED OUT TO BE ANYTHING BUT...UFO EVIDENCE...WE REPLIED TO MR LEMIER's INQUIRIY WITH ORIGINAL INCLUDED, IN THE BODY OF THIS POST. WE ATTACHED A WORK OF SAMANTICAL POSTULATION, CALLED MOSA, Method Of Scientific Assessment; which is our Hypothetical Model to quantify the value of any given UFO evidence. =========== On Tuesday, November 14, 2000 Todd Lemire of UFO Centeral had inquired as to what our intentions were regarding the angel hair sample that had been recovered in Lavonia, Michihgan, to which Christopher Montgomery replied, Dear friend; Yes, tests are planned. Would you like to hear the results when they come in? ~CM (Reference #3) Todd indicated that he would, and sent us this follow-up email. Where he again inquired as to the substance of the angel hair material(Reference #4)

As in many cases of UFO isnvestigatyion, the analysis of UFO material turns out to be anything but material from an unearthly spacecraft. We were sorry to inform our affiliate at UFO Central that "this particular sample turned out to be dog-hair; according my to sources. Sorry;"

We continued our letter with "Like it or not, a greater majority of UFO reports and crd material is going to amount to nothing at all...if we are willing to accept that this as a part of the territroy, and that the majoprity of lab analysis results will usually amount to nothing, then and only then can aspire to investigate the illusive UFO phenomenon.

"Unfortunately, this does nothing to further the UFO hypoththesis, but if nothing more, it will vindicate us as true pioneers and as scientists."

Investigator Montgomery




The topical forensic examination of this alleged UFO evidence, would suggest that the UFO phenomena persists despite repeated attempts to silence those involved in their investigation There are several distinctly different types of "aliens" both in appearance and intent. Yet very similar in objectives while intreracting within our world.

The boundries that we may draw around the UFO phenomenon could never include all of the evidence, for they operate outside of known, scientific laws and principles. The scientifc analysis of same is even further complicated by the policies and procedures of the country that the UFO evidence originated.

These entities are highly intelligent, but their association with a UFO event may only be consequential, and not sequential part of those events. For example, a man sees a UFO and then an half-hour later sees what some would call a reptoid or grey alien... are these two events related...or two distinctly different phenomenon, seperated by the lack of solid evidence that keeps the two events unrelated...yet, they are case filed as asimilar phenomenon, and the entity sighting are given the distinction of being an "extraterrestrial," when in fact they may or may not be linked directly to the sighting of an UFO, but rather are drawn together, indirectly linked and usually by association

Therefore, we must never assume that there is only one possible explanation for the UFO engiman...If this is the case, then why would they have been presented as an entity sighting (as UFO occupants and/or pilots) who do not all look the same? This would suggest that there are different types of entities, that we believe can morph, or change their appearance at will, that may have originated from somewhere outside of what we would consider to be the norm;

The UFO evidence, when weighed against accepted laws of physics and nuclear chemistry, refutes the extraterrestrial hypothesis. These pilots and/or occupants of these conveyances, present strange and illogical behaviour. They apparently have the technological capability that would suggest that the UFO evidence may not be a vehicle but a device used as a conveyance (ie-UFO as time portal, or conveance, rather than vehicular in nature).

The myth is that the UFO can only be a vehicular model, as this hypothesis ignores the obvious data, that suggests that these objects may actually exist as a stratagem, being part of a larger conspiracy to subvert the truth; to-wit_ that UFOs operate outside of what science presently considers the barriers of the electromagnetic spectrum of known energies and therefore the UFO as vehicular model of extraterrestrial contact is merely an association made by science that lacks the objectivity to understand the modus that it so proudly claims is its own.

All one has to do to arrive at this new model, is to examine all of the available evidence, with objectivity, and perform careful scientific tests, and then reports should be published without a political slant or idealogical goal in mind. What is considered by the majority to be the scientific examination of UFO evidence, may in fact be very un-scientific. What I am saying then, is that the (data) suggests there are unknown agencies that operate within a cloak of secrecy, who appear to be working very hard, to subvert or delay the proper handling and examination of any or all of the ufo/anomalous phenomena evidence. I am led to the conclusion, that whatever UFO evidence has been exumed and analyzed ignores the obvious details, that there are other influences involved in the collection and examination of the evidence. This is especially true, when we see that the evidence is mishandled and mis-represented by organizations or groups who are vulnerable to manupulation by outside influences, namely the ruling or governing bodies, within the country the evidence had originated. They become "marks" at best, especially when information is deliberately witheld to facilitate their objectives, ie- their financiers, thus creating a situation where outdside influence could cause influence by agencies of the public or private sector because of the intent of their benefactors, as aforementioned observations would suggest; that when viable evidence of UFOs presents itself, the evidence is skewed due to the objectives of those engaging in covert operations and un-scientific procedures, to allow them to continue their operation under the protective skirt of science by degree alone.

To knowingly and willingly erase some or all of the evidence linking the involvement of non-human intelligences when actual involvement may have only been a sequential part of another event, linked only by association is a crime not only against science, but also humanity.


When the UFO evidence is gathered, and investigation is conducted in a truely scientific manner, then we can evaluate accurately whethere there has been some form of intelligence other than our own in that is presently operating within our time/space frame outside the parameters of our dimensional time/space continuum. Our Space Time continuum meaning what is considered the norm for our perceptual reality. The evidence would indicate, that there are other intelligences not entirely our own, that present para-dimensional capabilities, who exhibit phenomenon that appears to be operating outside of our normal parameters of perceptual reality, therefore, the UFO evidence has to be examined and reported with these observations included also, but they are not. We can ascertain the accuracy of their analysis by the accuracy of the events that have been promulgated. If several alleged events have been indirectly linked to what is perceived to be a sighting of an ETBE, we must carefully examine their forensics and the handling of said "UFO Evidence" When this is done, the data would suggest that other agencies or institutions of are engaged in certain levels of involvement. The information contained in these posts should be indexed and cataloged in every UFO researcher's database.

Upon a careful, objective examination of this (alleged) ufo evidence, are subtle clues contained in this evidence, gathered by standard scientific procedures, which suggests that most UFO evidence can be attributed to other agencies, that they can be linked to earth-based operations, that are conducted by our own government. (see the letter I had received from MJ-7; hyperlink at: UFOs AND CATTLE MUTILATIONS: Read!

Here is that breakdown again, for those of you who want it in a standard outline format:


Upon careful analysis of alleged UFO evidence, one should arrive at a hypothetical model, that clarifies the quality of that evidence, gathered from topical, forensic examination of clues exhumed from the scene where alleged UFO activity has been said to have occurred. After examining this database, one should arrive at a logical and consistent conclusion; that if my model is accurate and correct, then this same evidence would indicate more than just an alien intelligences at work during these process.

Ie: Many UFO sightings may actually be military conveyances outfitted to deliberately give the impression of some earthly agency at work, that is only alien because they choose to conduct their business within a cloak of secrecy.

These mysterious events which have been linked to the UFO phenomenon suggests that some if not all of the evidence that is credited to involvement by UFOs (namely ET or alien ingelligences) may be only a ploy or decoy target mark to draw ones attention from their subversive operationsl. Moreover, one would get the impression that there are agencies and auspicis WITHIN OUR OWN GOVERNMENTS, who for whatever reason, there is some form of US military involvement responsible for some, if not a great majority of UFO evidence brought into scrutiny within the network of privately funded UFO organizations. Their level of involvement, may only be exploratory, as would be the case when control of ETBE pathogenic substances is given priority over the scientific handling of evidence. This becomes part of the whole of the evidence, further hampering the accurate assessment of the data.

Moreover, there is mounting evidence sthat trongly suggests that there are groups, which have initially formed outside the boundries of our conventional military, with their objectives being to supplant the military objectives with their own ideology, that they have been largely successful, in supplanting their agenda with our own. These members have been folded into the fabric of the US military, masking their operations by supplanting military operations and objectives, by manipulative tactics to entrap and ensnare unsuspecting governing powers by using the power of corruptive influence . Moreover, these activities violate Federal and state laws in the US, and certainly basic human and civil rights laws both here and abroad (outside US).

Moreover the evidence strongly suggests, that these subversive agencies, are intent on operating ourside of USMC and to establish their own unwritten laws.

I have examined any and/all available UFO evidence through numerous database sources, presented in various formats and analyzed using Ochams rules, to include: IMAGING: Motion Pictures, photographs, and drawings made of well documented events, within a variety of format, would indicate that although the UFO hypothesis has well well explored, these remain some institution or agencies which may, in fact, be creating evidence that is credited to extraterrestrial life forms, but may only be a byproduct of their covert activies, thus altering the evidence through their handling of same, resulting in a new evidence, that is only a consequential byproduct of those operations, given the illusion of UFO activity, but in fact was not.

A growing body of evidence indicates that the performance of certain individuals engaged in specific activites are operating within a network of secret, intelligence gathering agency, while operating under their own advanced directives, have tampered with and changed the UFO evidence to such a degree, that it would makes it virtually impossible to accurately assess the UFO evidence. I would have to assume, that the ultimate purpose and goal would then be to draw attention away from their subversive activities and focus them onto some totally unrelated event; If this is true, then their ultimate goal would be to defer their activities by creating an event, to supplant their own activity with the goal being to completely destroy any possiblity of gatheirng untainted evidence, therefore, destroying any possiblity of getting accurate and reliable scientific data for examination and review by their peers. Some (if not a majority) of the UFO evidence that is gathered during UFO investigations may or may not be related to the activities of ufos, but may also include evidence that remains as a sequential aspect of another agency at work, namely, a top-secret operation with advance directives, to covertly carry out their missions in any way possible, including subversive behavior.

This is contra-productive to good UFO investigation, and this possiblity of tainted evidence must be considered before a final report can be generated. IF their objective gained through covert activity, then their ultimate goal would be to deflect attention away from their activites and draw ones attention to another totally unrelated event, such as a UFO sighting. We can see from the examination of cases often diretly attributed to UFOs in general, that this may indeed by the case after all. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle said, "When we eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, however improbably, must be the truth!"


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Todd Lemire Michigan UFO CENTRAL


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