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UFO REPORT 1989 Washouga, WA


To: Date: Mon, Nov 27 2000 The following data was submitted via your form: Additional Witnesses: 3 sons Age: 47 Altitude: 100' C12: Passed overhead C13: Within 200 feet of ground C14: Within 200 feet of witnesses C17: Continuous flight C2: Vehicle/Device C3: Animal reaction C6: Psychological event C7: Bodily or Anatomical event City, State, Zip Code: washougal,wa. 98671 Color: black Country: u.s.a. Date of Event: 1989 Oct. Details/Markings: lights Direction of Travel: w-sw Distance: 125'-500yds Event Duration: 1 minute Gender: f Home Phone: Location: washougal, wa. u.s.a. Name: mickey sumner Number of UFOs: 1 Other facts you may wish to include:: Beside the fact that it was completely silent which was enough to freak us out, it flew no faster then walking speed,at an angle as though in a hard bank, but in a straight and forward fashion. I have married since then and my husband would'nt like me to talk about this. Photo(s)/Film/Video/Sketch available?: yes Previous UFO Experience: most of my concious life Reported?: no Shape: triangular Size: 35' on each side Sound: silent Street Number: Time of Event (indicate AM or PM): 8:00pm UFO other:: UFO:: passive Weather Conditions: clear & cold Work Phone: no way email: follow-up: weekday evenings between 4 & 9 pm subject: UFO Witness Report Form




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