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Eyewitness video tapes object!


Sent in By Steve Moreno (Psi app)

The following is a UFO encounter I had on October 31st, Halloween evening. I was fortunate to have my Cam Corder handy shooting shots of my son in his 'alien' costume. (-: As I walked the mobile home park allowing my 6 year old son to perform his trick or treat ritual I stared at the star lit sky having a very strong feeling over one star which seemed a deceptive ploy, and was there to conduct a reconnaissance of some sort on me. Zeroing in on this bright star, that looked totally out of place, I noticed its occasional wavering movement in the direction toward us. To be certain this was not simply the motion of the Earth, I fixated onto a tree branch as a stationary control point within my field of view. Surely enough this star was moving with no blinking lights and no sound. It increased in speed and continued directly over us as I trained my Sony Night Cam on it. My son initially was protesting my scanning the sky as I tried to ascertain exactly what this was. Even with Travis AFB and a small airport nearby so is the nature of an investigator, with eyes always looking up toward the night sky. My son normally identifies aircraft right off with so many of them around, however he became still and quiet as he became a witness to this, realizing it was something quite different. He can be heard on the video saying "dad that IS a UFO". This UFO then suddenly began to move faster in an erratic fashion and made a quick U-turn loop up into space and simply vanished from sight. I zoomed my view through Sony 200 cam into its former location but nothing was to be found Once this thing disappeared my son cracked a joke referencing the cartoon 'Magic School Bus' and said, "now class! You have just witnessed your first UFO, and don't you forget it!". In my awe I lightened up and got a real chuckle out of this. This light definitely seemed to display an interaction with my consciousness. My intuition had indeed seemed true. Possibly that this odd appearing star was actually a camouflaged UFO which, for whatever reason or rhyme, seemed be attempting a reconnaissance of me. Up until I zeroed in on this this anomalous appearing star, and identified it as a UFO, it continued to move in a very slow and almost deceiving fashion. However once I positively focused my conscious awareness it began its erratic behavior into a quick disappearing act. After viewing the few seconds of footage I managed to acquire of this event, I remained skeptical as to what it was. All one could see was a small star light moving about , however upon a freeze frame and enhancements I was stunned at what appeared. The following link is the freeze frame enhancement of what we saw. In it we see a huge corona surrounding a classic disc type object. The object almost appears metallic with defined curvature lines and a reflection. The video tape is available for any interested parties.

To Truth & Advancement
Steve Moreno
Founder & Managing Director Psi APPLICATIONS
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