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UPDATES: X-ZONE RADIO Broadcast November 26, 2000

THE LETTER: The Roswell Wreckage

From Jason Leigh

"Some people are able to induldge in these alien technologies, represented by their achievments; their results gleaned from an in-depth study of this form of alien technology. My contribution to science was as a result of knowledge of what i have learned from recovered alien technology, resulting in the developement of THEL...why? Because their scientists are dry and untappable, their knowledge being barren like an infertile woman and worthless from a creative standpoint, we that remain free thinkers and un-controlled by their money boys, will... in the end, proove to be the ones that are holding all of the cards." -Investigator Montgomery

As you may recall, Jason Leigh had indicated that he had been given a piece of debris from a UFO. I had inquired of Jason Leigh about the nature of the material that was allegedly recovered from the Roswell UFO crash site, and whether this artifact was really from a crashed UFO. This was his reply:

"Yes--it is all true. I will not allow anyone to see it now--as they would certainly want to study it in a Lab--and I would have to be there--and security would have to be beyond infiltration. Period. I am hoping to make it public on July 4th, 2001. Stanton Friedman--Dr. Bruce Cornet and Prof. Jack Kasher are my choices to be on the panel of experts. I've asked them all. We have stayed in contact. More later . . . Jason

This most certainly picques my interest, as I have become something of an expert of UFO artifacts, having studied everything that I could get my hands on about the subject. We continued to follow the story with Jason, and received another update from Jason recently.

Anyway, I wanted to know if Mr. Leigh could give us an update on the x-zone radio program that is coming up here pretty soon, which I think is on or around the 26th of this it still on??? So we asked him if the show was still a go, and if there were any of the guests now going to answer your invitations? what can you tell us as, regarding any UFO updates that are available from your end? Please RSVP so I can put this information into the next newsletter, which should be out in plenty of time, to alert recipients of this upcoming media event!!! By all means, tell me definately, hopefully sometime before your appearance on the X-ZONE Radio show. Thank you... We had also inquired as to the UFO debris, and informed Jason Leigh, that we "know how dangerous it would be to posess a piece of debris like that...everyone wants to take it from you, It is dangerous enough just being a UFO investigator, " we told him.

We received a reply, and Jason indicated that in his last press release, that his phone number and other contact information was provided, and posted with the press release. Mr Leigh also indicated that since our post, he had been receiving strange phone calls, and that these people "would not give their name, nor would they reply" when they would pick up their telephone. So we decided that we would dispatch some investigators to his location, in an attempt to find out who these mysterians were, in hopes of finding out their identity and the nature of their business with Mr. Leigh. Remember, that UFOs do not exist, and that is the official statement of the Condon Investigators as well as the US Air Force.

In the meantime, we did a trace on his phone line and discovered that there was someone tapping his telephone line! The only people that have that kind of access, are agents of the Federal Government, (FBI), and then only with a court order. The phone company receives a gag order, and they are told not to discuss the details of their wire-tapping activity.

Here are frequenst updates as we have received them from Jason Leigh. Please update your schedules accordingly! Also...Jason Leigh has a new book out, and look for more information about that.
Subj:	 Re: [UFORCE] Hello, JL/update please
Date:	11/21/00 11:27:54 PM Pacific Daylight Time
From: (Jason Leigh)
Chris: Also: The XZone will be Sunday, November 26 at 9 pm Eastern. It will be a GREAT show--but I will not mention the 'device' on this show. Rob has asked me back in two weeks to discuss the 'device,' and I got an email tonight from Dr. Bob at 21st Century radio to due an interview within a few weeks. He realizes that the homeless Veterans and ill Veterans will reap some benefits from this device. We are planning a 'lecture tour' to prepare the public. I want to present it from the desert near Roswell (the crash site) on July 4th, 2001. More later . . . Peace in numbers, Jason

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<< Subj:	 Re: [UFORCE] Hello, JL/update please
 Date:	11/21/00 11:27:54 PM 
 From: (Jason Leigh)
Also: The XZone will be Sunday, November 26 at 9 pm Eastern. It will be a GREAT show--but I will not mention the 'device' on this show. Rob has asked me back in two weeks to discuss the 'device,' and I got an email tonight from Dr. Bob at 21st Century radio to due an interview within a few weeks. >>

UPDATES: Subj:	 Re: [Fwd: SOS: interview Thursday!!!
Date:	11/29/00 3:52:56 PM 
From: (Jason Leigh)
Hey Chris! --the book synopsis: He and his wife hurried to put the book together by the X-Zone interview--which Rob did let me 'plug' on the show--and they told me there would be copies sent out to mags and newspapers for review--but they just haven't done that yet. We have never met--he read the first two chapters and wanted to publish the book. We've become good friends ever since (two weeks). So, I have a completed version--I can say that it is an easy read--and a good book. 'Hope this helps, Chris.

In a message dated 11/29/00 3:39:15 AM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< Hieronimus & Co., Inc. >>

PRESS BULLETIN: Jason Leigh Appearance!!!

>>>UPDATE: 12/01/2000>>>

We have received a report today, that Jason has received a veiled threat, from someone who identified themself but was unknown to Mr. Leigh. Therefore, we are placing our organization on a level 2 alert, and all appropriate staff are on the ready, gathering surveillance information, and press releases are being distributed at this moment.


Additional information about Jason Leigh can be found at his web site, and additional news items will be featured on the web site as we receive them. A synopsis of Jason's book, POWERGLIDE can be found at this URL:


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