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Years of the DragonBall series officially came to an end on November 19, 1997 after 508 episodes after a new series of Dr. Slump replaced Dragonball GT.

Farewell, DragonBall... (February 26, 1986- November 19, 1997)

DragonballFebruary 26, 1986- April 19, 1989
(153 episodes)


(For episode-to-episode Japanese summaries, visit Toei Television- Dragonball)

Following the end of Akira Toriyama's Dr. Slump, Dragonball was released. This new anime series was produced with a theme of comedy aimed at entertaining kids. As the story progressed, the theme of fighting/ violence began to dominant the series. Afterwards, Dragonball ended and was immediately replaced with Dragonball Z.

There are three series in Dragonball: The Pilaf Series, The Red Ribbon Series, and The Piccolo/ Daimao Series. Dragonball begins with Gokou befriending Bulma as a kid up to his adulthood and marriage with Chi-Chi. A brief synopsis on the series can be found in my Hidden Facts Page.

Aired: America dubbed and aired the Pilaf Series during the mornings (5:30AM in my area) in 1996. However, the show received poor ratings because it aired at 5:30 AM Saturday mornings! The truth behind this is that the dubbed version of Dragonball was released by DIC. DIC bought Dragonball to test its popularity before buying the rights to air Dragonball Z. Because of its bad time slot, Dragonball was a failure so DIC stopped its DragonBall plan. However, Saban, a company more in tie with Japanese anime and shows, knew that Dragonball Z would be a success and bought the rights to air Dragonball Z. That is why Dragonball Z now airs on TV.

Movies: Dragonball movies basically tell what happened in the series, but in a shortened and different storyline. There are four Dragonball movies. Movie 1 tells about how Gokou meets the cast and the fight against an evil village king. Movie 2 introduces Klilyn and tells about the battle against Lufia. Movie 3 introduces Tenshin-han and Chauzu and tells about the battle against Tao Pai-Pai. Movie 4 is a remake of Movie 1 to celebrate Dragonball's 10th anniversary, and tells about the meeting of the cast and the battle against Red Ribbon.

Dragonball Z April 26, 1989- January 31, 1996
(291 episodes)



Bardock Story
Trunks Story
DBZ Movies
The Vegeta Series
The Freeza Series
The Cell Series
The Boo Series

(My summaries are general in overall summarization of the series.

For more detailed summaries that summarize the manga to which DragonBall was based on, download the Dragonball Manga Chapter Summaries. [Summaries are compressed in .ZIP format. If you need an unzipping program, then download Winzip.]) This file is contains summaries to ALL the DragonBall manga comics.

For episode-by-episode detailed guides to DBZ episodes, visit Daimoa's Dragonball Z Definitive Episode Guide.
(Excellent summaries!)

Warning: Summaries may spoil the story.
If there are any other good links for episode guides, please let me know.

Dragonball Z is the sequel to Dragonball. Pertaining to the more popular action/ fighting theme in Dragonball's Piccolo/ Daimao Series, Dragonball Z was aimed for a teenage audience. Fighting and a more serious storyline replaced comedy, but humor still exists in some parts of the series.

Dragonball Z was the last line of DragonBall series that Akira Toriyama produced. The Dragonball Z epoch is divided into four series. Through each series, serious character development is involved. Throughout the series, we watch characters such as Gohan grow up, as well as some new form of Saiyan power-up. At the end, Dragonball Z became a success!

Movies: During the time of Dragonball Z, 13 movies have been released. (Read the summaries I wrote above!) In addition, there are 2 TV specials (Bardock Story and Trunks Story), and 1 OVA TV special based on a RPG game.

Currently: Under FUNimation, America is airing an English dubbed versin of Dragonball Z. Although there is a high censoring of violence and other scenes "inappropriate for younger viewers", Dragonball Z has finally made it to America.

For more information and answers regarding when Dragonball Z now airs, refer to my New Episodes page.

Dragonball GT February 7, 1996- November 21, 1997
(64 episodes)


The Baby Series
The Evil Shenlongs Series

(My summaries are more general in overall summarization. For more detailed episode-by-episode summaries, download Curtis Hoffmann's synopsis for The Baby Series and The Evil Shenlong Series. [Summaries are compressed in .ZIP format. If you need an unzipping program, then download Winzip.]

For episode-to-episode Japanese summaries, visit Toei Television- Dragonball GT)

Warning: Summaries may spoil the story!

Dragonball GT was rumored to have been created for the sole purpose that people would still have interest in DragonBall when the game Dragonball Final Bout was finally released.

DragonBall was scheduled to officially end after Dragonball Z because Akira Toriyama lost interest in the series. Because of the success of Dragonball Z, different producers decided to continue the series, although it has upset many DragonBall fans that Dragonball GT was not headed by creator Akira Toriyama.

Dragonball GT got its name (GT) from the words "Grand Tour". It is called this because of our heroes' space journey to find the universal Black Star Dragonballs in the beginning of the Baby Series. Fans were unsatisfied with Dragonball GT's early episodes, but the popularity of Dragonball GT increased as the story progressed.

Dragonball GT's theme is a blend of Dragonball and Dragonball Z, where humor and fighting are mixed. Dragonball GT mainly focuses on Gokou, who was accidentally wished back into a kid by Pilaf. A negative factor in Dragonball GT is that it lacks emphasis on the other characters; everything is concentrated around Gokou.

Movies: There is one Dragonball GT TV special. This special (first aired 3-26-97) is about Gokou Jr. in a setting 100 years later. It tells aobut Gokou Jr.'s acknowlegement of courage in his quest to find the dragonballs to save his ill grandmother, Pan.

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