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The Droids Starifghters

The complex, precision-engineered droid starfighter is the most sophisticated automated starfighter ever built. Manufactured by the Xi Char cathedral factories on Charros IV, these deadly killing machines are controlled by a continuously modulated signal emanating from a central droid control ship computer. The Trade Federation deploys these space fighters in overwhelming swarms, often in order to force their enemies, or "future customers," into submission.

Armed with four blaster cannons, two energy torpedo launchers, and tremendously powerful thrusters, the droid starfighters hang in dense ranks from ceiling girders in the outer hangar zone of Trade Federation battleships. Connected to a high-voltage power grid, they hum eerily as their systems maintain a maximum charge. Once activated, the craft employ unconventional (and expensive) solid fuel concentrate slugs that burn furiously when ignited. This specialized fuel system limits the droid's fighting time, but the droid control ship computer constantly monitors the action and recycles spent units through the war freighter power grid.

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