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-HKP visits Skyline Chili-

You might be wondering and Its True...Its True that is in fact Audrey  Mills 

(Left to Right: Audrey Mills, Stephen , ?, Matt)

On the night of October 27th HKP members took a trip to Taylor Mill Skyline Chili. Where all of that current time HKP members attended Matt , Mandy, Lauren , Layne , and Patty. Lauren asking for a bib for her 4-way (she doesn't like the beans) Prez followed and did Steve. Audrey the nice waitress she is offered to tie the bibs on for us so she did and that is why it is such a special night for us. Stephen when the meal was done asked if he could have Audrey's autograph (as seen it the pic above)  Then Patty took this great picture that will always be remembered by all. What happened next was the latest dance moves, hitting clubs all over the USA, THE LAYNE STRUT. Then the manager (pic at the bottom) took his picture with the ladies. And he said that he wanted a copy. Patty has promised to take The Prez there to deliver the picture to him. To sum this up this was an awesome night for HKP.

(Right to Left: Layne, Rachel ,Lauren, Manager, Patty, Mandy)