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>>Super Bowl Party at The Rutledge's house            

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>>Patty and Jason Forgive and Forget

On Tuesday, January 23, 2001, Patty Allen and Jason Wells forgave each other. When Hilltop was broken into last month, Jason and Patty had a few words with each other about who the donated items were going to be given to. Patty got all upset when Jason told her Action Ministries so she stormed off and later that evening told her dad what had happened. Conard then called Bruce, who said that he would talk to Jason. (yeah right!) Anyway, Bruce just told Jason that Patty was upset with him maybe a week ago. Jason did call Patty on Tuesday and they were able to put their differences aside.

We here at HKP like to see everyone get along. God Bless you all and be sure to stayed tuned for more news! 

>>Ron loses Hamster

Ron Duncan the 40 year old boyfriend of Patty bought a hamster for his daughter Lindsay but she wasn't allowed to bring it home so Ronald kept the hamster at his house but it broke out of its cage and Ron could not find it in his house so he set out traps for it. He says he can hear it moving around but can't find it. So he set out food cups for the hamster and the next day he found it stuck in the food cup

>>Raging Patty

Patty yet again has went off on January 21st because  Stephen was bothering her while she was eating. All he wanted to do was to use her PC Game Controller She wouldn't let him, Typical Patty Style. She was fed up with him and stormed upstairs saying "GOD!! I can't even eat in peace around here" She remained at the top of the stairs to hear comments made by Betty saying "She needs to Cool it or she'll be out" Hearing something at the top of the steps Mandy asking "Stephen are you alright?". It was Patty crying saying "No its me the one you've been talking about" She then stormed into he room slamming he door and breaking it. 

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