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// Break-Up of the year \\


On Sunday, January 7, 2001, Ricky Henry called it quits with Shellena Sircle. For some time now there has been speculation of a possible break-up because Ricky was getting tired of doing things with Shellena with her mom, Georgia, and dad, Randall, always with them. 
We here at HKP know for a fact that Ricky was "cheating" on Shellena with Courtney, the Blockbuster Babe, for a while now. Mandy, the ex. producer, and Lauren, the Vice President, had the great pleasure of seeing the Blockbuster Babe sometime back in December.

But the big question still remains. Who is taking the break-up the hardest? Is it Ricky? (nah. he has obviously already moved on) Is it Shellena? (according to Georgia she already has someone else who wants to ask her out-- yeah right!) Is it Randall? (nah. he missed all the news in a blink of an eye) or is it Georgia (according to rumors, she has been calling everyone she knows and writing letters about how she feels on the break-up issue)

But, rest assured, if we here at HKP get anymore news, it will be made known to you ASAP! STAY TUNED...

\\Headline News//

New Years Bash

Brenda Smith too "Sick" to Stay Home Alone?


-Welcome to 2001 here at HKP-

The Hilltop Bash was rockin' on New Years Eve with only 15 people attending! The only people who came are Dan, Sandy and Nathan Rutledge. Conny ,Betty and Mandy Allen. Matt ,Jim , Jess and Lee Capek. Ryan and Jan-Z Henry. Lauren Myers and Steve Sebastian. Bruce Leiberman was supposed to come at 9 but he never showed up. To pass the time the kids played Scatagories and had game shows and talk shows. The talk show was hosted by Steve and quests of Nathan Rutledge talking about his favorites in videogames which  number 1 was Joe Montana 93 for Sega Genisis. something he didn't like about that game was the annoucers said 1/10 times that "he took a dump at the 42 yard line" He did not think that was a good way to describe someone getting tackled. Two New Members to the HKP Staff are Ryan Henry and Jimmy Lewis. HKP cameras were there recording all the action that went on. HKP would like to say HAPPY NEW YEAR to everone.

Patty the Asst. Photographer could not make it to the NYE Bash she was "out of town"


On Sunday, December 31, Hilltop Church of Christ had their annual New Year's Eve Celebration. The great minister, Bruce Smith announced on Sunday morning that the celebration would start at 9:00, but it really always starts at 7:00. The guests in attendance there were expecting the arrival of Bruce at 9:00 but they knew that Brenda would not be there because she was "sick" according to her hubby. There was still no sign of Bruce when the crowd rang in the new year HKP style. 

The next day, on her first assignment for Howard, Betty Smith spotted Bruce AND his "sick" wife Brenda at Cracker Barrel. Bruce knew that they were both busted and tried to cover himself by asking Betty if she was in attendance at the New Year's Eve Celebration. When she said no, Bruce made the comment that he was not there either because Brenda was "sick" and he had to stay home with her. We here at HKP find it VERY strange that she is in her 50s and still needs a babysitter when she is "sick" and then miraculously gets better in one day!

This just goes to show how much Dr. Smith cares for the Hilltop Church of Christ. What could this all mean in the year 2001? Will Bruce be too "sick" to attend Sunday morning services to preach or will he just not show up?! Could Hilltop have to clean house once again and begin the search once again for a new minister who cares and a youth minister who is not so anal? More to come about J as soon as we here about his ski trip with Marv5k and his child Matt and his thug friends, who probably robbed the church. 


On Saturday, January 13, HKP members Matt, Mandy, Ryan and Patty went to K-Mart with the famous Jan-Z. On the way there, Patty and Z began to hear the brakes squeak. Patty became all nervous and was shouting that the brakes were "metal to metal". The HKP crew made it to K-Mart safely, but on the way home the brakes began to get worse...

On the way home Jan-Z hit all the red lights which forced her to stop. Patty was the only person who seemed upset about the whole noise. She was trying to tell Z how to drive and to "start putting on your brakes now". Patty was too scared to let Z drive us all the way home so we decided to go back to her house and get a ride from Betty. As Jan-Z was driving down the hill to her house, she thought that a policeman was behind her. It turned out to be a false alarm. However, there was a policeman right by the stop sign. Patty was encouraging Z to run the stop sign but Z said "there is a policeman right there!" And PB replied "IT'S A NEWPORT COP!" But we are happy to report that all HKP members in the van made it home safe and sound.

The brake issue did not end on Saturday, however. Jan-Z was at church on Sunday, and after church Patty asked if she got her brakes fixed yet. Anyway, Patty offered to get her "friend" Ron to come and look at her brakes. Jan-Z exclaimed: "NO WAY!" Patty proceeded out of church mad and continued to pout all day long. 

We here at HKP have a bit of advice for anyone who is mad or sad: GET A GRIP and SMILE!!!!!! 

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