Past News
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Rodeo Wrap-Up
On the night of Friday February 9th HKP President was invited to attend the Longhorn Rodeo with Conard Allen.  Dispite the rain and winds they made it there ok and returned home safely HKP had top of the line seats sitting in the 2nd row from the floor. As Conny put it "So close we could spit on them" The clowns at the rodeos are great entertaining the crowd while the crew gets things ready. That's where Conny gets his new jokes.  -Some Examples- How do you say cut the grass in Japanise? ....Mow de Lawn  How do you say constipation in Chinese? ..Long time 4 Poopin' HKP even got to sit behind "Statt Man" from B105 

-Holiday Feast-
The Annual Holiday Feast at Hilltop Church took place on the night of December 10th will a great meal and a Bluegrass music concert. This was also the party for the release of HKP The Soundtrack Volume 1. Some had there opinions of the first band, The South Bound Express. Marvin ,Jason ,and Darrel making fun of the first band and trying to cut the short to get to the main event. Marvin tried to stop them but the kept on playing. Next Darrel waving his arms around got the attention of the band and the had 5 more minutes. HKP rates them Two thumbs DOWN. Now on to the main event The boys from Alexanderia. Dwayne Turner and Sara Heralds dad are members of the band. This by far was better that the first. HKP rates this band two thumbs UP. This was a great night.

-Hilltop Review-
12/3-HKP President Matt got to visit the Lighting of the Greens in Taylor Mill with Hilltop instead of having the regular Sunday Night Revive. Prez got to see Darrel Herald ll sing. We meet up with Darrel Herald l aka Big Darrel. The Hilltop members that when to The Lighting of the Greens were Jason, Matt, Ryan, Amanda Sims and friend and 2 debuts to the SNR group Shelly "brownie" Stamper and The Great One Nathan Rutledge. Amanda Sims saying her now famous line "Who would've thunk it?" We didn't have time to stay and get a carriage ride :( HKP had a real good time at the Lighting of the greens. HKP ventures to The Festival of Light at the Cincinnati Zoo on December 17th

Bowling 2001
The results are in.... In the first match up we had Nate the good (Nathan), J.R. (Dan) Joker (matt), Mandy (Mandy) and Goose (Phil) The winner was clearly J.R by alot and in last place was Nathan showing that his Fred Flintstone moves were not the great. Next The president finally met the Hilltop secretary Angie and her husband David. The Pres faced off against the two with coaching help of Patty who was out on the sidelines with knee and wrist injures. But her help was know match for Angie and especially Dave's moves. Dave came close to a "turkey" (2 3 strikes in a row, for those who are up on their bowling terms) All the pressure was on Dave and everyone watching ....he messed up and left 3 pins standing. As he was coming back to the chairs Angie told him " Nothing like a little stress for ya" In the other lane Jason was showing of his fly moves with the special "under the leg" bowl which was not very successful. Angie and Patty discussed thoughts and plans of what the Hilltop youth should do coming up. Jason also stated that when it warms up Hilltop will be going Putt-Putt Golfing! And coming up in the next few weeks he will be taking the kids to Chuck E. Cheeses. This was a great day in HKP history and pics from the event will be up in the next week.

Super Bowl 2001
What a night this was folks!! We saw and heard everything from dancing computer babies to the true story of why PL left college. Ron Duncan atteneded the party once again this year, but I think that this was his most memorable attendance yet!! Ron pouted for the first few minutes we arrived, but then livened up after eating the infamous licorice on the cake and entertained everyone with his dancing computer baby moves! The crowd went wild for this one folks, and the Pres. caught it all on camera!! Toward the end of the evening PL turned loose and revealed the true reason of why he left Milligan Christian College. PL said that he was not sleeping at night, but did not want to tell anyone. When he came home over Christmas break, he went to the doctor and was "diagnosed with a chemical imbalancement." Best of luck Phil from HKP. Every staff member that attended the party had a wonderful time! We can't wait until the next big HKP party!!