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Who Dunnit??

The Investigation Begins....

A letter sent to all the leadership of Hilltop Church of Christ on October 21st 2000. The letter was containing thoughts of someone how has apparently had them for awhile inside and finally had the guts to speak them out. Who was it that wrote the letter?, not signing it or no return address on the envelope. The Letter "dogging" Marvin after recent White Water Rafting Trip which was not "advertised" in the bulletin but, Marvin says it was. The Letter was also saying why isn't Baptism preached in the sermons 

Top Suspects

1) Diane Robbins

-Diane Robbins the prime suspect here for several reasons Marty (her son) was on the out of the "loop" list which was mentioned is The Letter. Marty wasn't invited to White Water Rafting.

2) Wilma Gillespie

-Wilma doesn't like the ways of Bruce Williams and wasn't at church Sunday. But it Art want to go White Water Rafting?

3) Karen Sims

Amanda's Name was on the list, Amanda frequinly uses the computer at church.

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