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* = One of the worse movies in existence.
** = Bad movie, but not too painfull
*** = Good movie, worth seeing.
**** = Great movie, watch it now
***** = One of the best movies ever made

Hello, and welcome to the movie review section. Here I’ll give my thoughts on most of the giant monster movies that I have seen. Just what is a “giant monster movie” though? Well, I have my own personal definition, but mostly I review anything that I feel like reviewing. For movies that aren’t quite up to the definition, I have mini-reviews for them. Along with my thoughts on the movies I have provided a picture of the version that I own (scan ripped from various big-name sites), as well as the credits for the movie (dominantly stolen from the Internet Movie Database, Hopefully this section is entertaining as well as being useful in choosing what movie you would like to watch yourself. Have fun.

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