A.K.A.: Zarkorr!, The Invader

Height: 185 feet

Weight: 300 tons

Regular Abilities: bashing things, clawing things, biting things, horns on head, possesses great hand-tail coordination

Special Abilities: eye-beams, can transform into a moving ball of light

Weakness: his own eye-beams


Film Appearances: Zarkorr! The Invader (1996)

History: Sent to Earth as a test of sorts for the human race by supposedly "superior" beings. Tommy the mailman postal employee was chosen as "the one to defeat Zarkorr" because he was the most average human on Earth. With the help of others, they found that Zarkorr was a being made out of pure energy, and so no Earth weapon existing (or in development) could defeat him. So the quest was on to find Zarkorr’s "off switch", and it was discovered to be a shield-like device that fell from the sky and through the roof of a dinner in New Mexico. Tommy lured Zarkorr into attacking him, and after reflecting Zarkorr’s eye beams back at the monster, Zarkorr decided to retreat.


Fighting Power: ****

Seeing how he is a monster of pure energy, the only thing that can harm him is energy that is of the same wavelength and frequency as him (such as his own eye-beams). The trick is to figure this out and find a way to stop him in this way. Otherwise Zarkorr is invincible, but not necessarily very powerful. Sure he has those eye-beams and can stomp cities flat, but he’s also a slow and cumbersome beast. He also is a bit dim-witted, preferring to wander around in a certain direction causing mindless destruction and not really realizing what’s going on around him. He’s also a bad aim. Still, overall he’s a strong monster that can usually get away with simply being invincible to almost everything.