A.K.A.: Yonggary, Yongkari, "Yongaree"

Height: 50 meters

Weight: 20,000 tons

Regular Abilities: biting, punching, kicking, good at burrowing, has spikes on end of tail, has the ability to dance

Special Abilities: shoots fire from mouth, can shoot powerful cutting-lasers from nose horn, can absorb energy from surroundings and consume energy-rich fuels to power itself

Weakness: a certain precipitate of ammonia

History: An ancient legendary monster awakened from the deep by atomic weapons. Headed underground towards Seoul, Korea, looking for energy to consume. Eventual brought down by a helicopter that spread a certain ammonia precipitate on him.

Fighting Power: *****

Yongary is similar to Gamera in that he is immune to pretty much any energy-based attacks because he can absorb that energy to make himself stronger. That combined with his almost impervious skin, fire-breathing abilities, and the virtually unstoppable cutting laser means that he is one powerful monster indeed. That said, he is somewhat on the slow side and doesn’t have much range with his fire breath. Despite being untested in combat, more then likely he could stand toe-to-toe with the big boys. Plus he’s a good dancer.