A.K.A.: Stegosaurus, Stegs, Steg, Kentrosaurus

Length: 30 feet

Weight: 3 tons

Regular Abilities: Four spikes at end of tail, bony plates on back

Special Abilities: None

Weakness: herbivore, has a brain the size of a walnut

Film Appearances: "The Lost World" (1925)

"King Kong" (1933)

"The Lost World" (1997)

History: Stegosaurus was a giant plant eater from the Jurassic period. It had two rows of bony plates on its back and a strong, powerful tail with spikes on it, which it used to defend against Allosaurus and other large predators. Died out at the end of the Jurassic.

Fighting Power: **

Stegosaurs are weird looking and distinctive, and known as a fighter due to it's tail spikes. However, it is better known for the size of its brain, which is ludicrously small for it's body size. Other then the tail, it doesn't have much to fight with either. Its jaws are week, and the plates on its back are more useful for mating purposes. Still, it is a large powerful dinosaur, and those tail spikes would not be good to get whacked by.


(Stego is a representative of all the large animals with brains the size of walnuts)