Sandworm (Beetlejuice)

Length: 70 feet (purely a guess)

Diameter: 5 feet (purely a guess)

Weight: a lot

Regular Abilities: large wrapping body, head-in-mouth with sharp teeth, can burrow through sand at high speeds

Special Abilities: none

Weakness: none known


Film Appearances: Beetlejuice (1988)

Beetlejuice (cartoon TV series, 1989-1991)


History: A species of giant worm-like creatures that are dangerous/annoying to the inhabitants that "live" in the Neitherworld. Although they usually attack everything that moves, some have been known to befriend certain people.


Fighting Power: ***

Although very funky-looking, in the end they are just your standard "big snake thing" with an ability to tunnel through the ground. Still, they are something you wouldn’t want to meet up face-to-face with, unless you happen to take one on as a "pet", in which case they are a capable ally.