Queen Alien

A.K.A.: Alien Queen, Queen Xenomorph, Xenomorph Queen

Height: 10-11 ft.

Weight: lighter than you think

Regular Abilities: Claws from four arms, sharp stinger on tail, back spikes, metallo-silicate exoskeleton, concentrated hydroflouric acid for blood, powerful internal jaw/tongue, uses echolocation and brain waves to see and communicate

Special Abilities: none

Weakness: None known

Film Appearances: "Alien" (1979, one of those eggs could have been a queen)

"Aliens" (1986)

"Alien 3" (1992)

"Alien: Resurrection" (1997)

History: On June 3rd, 2122, the commercial starship Nostromo found a crashed spaceship with hundreds of eggs in it. These eggs contain a previously unknown species of alien known as xenomorphs. These things hatch from eggs, latch onto a victim's face, implants an embryo, and a small alien is born by ripping out of the victim's chest. It grows up to be a vicious killer. It only took one to kill all but one of the crew. The survivor, Lt. Ripley, blew up the ship, threw the alien into space, and she floated in space for 57 years to awake to find that the planet was colonized for 20 years. After hearing of these aliens, a team of marines is sent to the planet to find that once again, all but one was killed. This time an 11-year-old girl named Newt. A technical failure occurs, and the atmosphere machines are about to blow the whole place up. An alien captures Newt, and Ripley goes back to rescue her. The two find the Queen Alien nest, and destroy it, but the Queen survives. They escape just before the explosion, but so does the queen. On board the main ship, Ripley battles the Queen with a loading machine, and sends it into space. A facehugger (baby alien) stoles away, and jettisons the area that Ripley was in hypersleep. It crashes on Fiorina 161, a prison colony planet. She is the only survivor of that crash to. A queen is implanted in her, and she kills herself by falling into a furnace to kill it and to prevent lucrative companies from getting it. However, 200 some years later, Ripley and the alien in her are cloned. The aliens overrun the space ship, the USM Auriga, and the queen on board is able to give live birth, due to human genes in her. The offspring is a hybrid of xenomorph and human, and it kills the queen. Ripley than kills it by, of course, sending it into space.


Fighting Power: ****

Xenomortps, or, as they are commonly called, Aliens, are one of the most vicious and powerful things that Hollywood came up with. One is powerful enough, but they are extremely effective in swarms. They are kind of like giant ants (obviously Aliens was inspired by "Them"). Quick speed, good armor, claws, spikes, a skull cracking double jaw, and that highly acidic blood make these things extremely deadly for anything, including heavy artillery. And then there's the queen. So big that it is considered to be a "giant" monster. 11 ft. tall and a whole lot wider. Four arms instead of two, and the biggest brain you ever saw. Smart, intelligent, deadly. However, it isn't that strong in the strength department, there is no projectile weapon, and it's most powerful weapon, itís acidic blood, can only be used if it gets hurt. Basically it is one of those things that will kill you if you kill it first. Obviously, since it constantly gets chucked into space, it can't survive in a vacuum, but then again so do most things. Still, a very powerful foe indeed. By the way, no egg-sack for the WMW. Another by the way, xenomorph is a term for a hostile, dangerous, deadly space alien species. However, it quickly became the official name of this particular specie. Another by the way, I'm not doing a movie review on the "Alien" movie series. I don't believe in reviewing Rated R movies with human gore and F-words, but I felt that the monsters themselves were to good to pass up.