A.K.A.: The Relic Monster

Height: approximately 30 feet

Weight: approximately 500 pounds

Regular Abilities: slashing claws, pincer mandibles, big teeth set in powerful jaws, strong built, good at running and climbing

Special Abilities: none

Weaknesses: needs to feed off a certain protein only found in certain plants as well as human brains


Film Appearances: The Relic (1997)


History: A creature that resides in a South American jungle formed by the combination of certain events that can turn a human into a massive creature that feeds only on a certain plant (or the brains of humans, whichever is available). One unlucky explorer turned into a kothoga on his way back to a museum in Chicago, and proceeded to eat the brains of a number of people. A large effort was made to stop the beast, finally ending when the kothoga was lit on fire.


Fighting Ability: ***

Big, strong, agile, and capable of ripping a personís brain out in seconds, the kothoga is extremely dangerous to anybody in the area, particularly when there is plenty of winding spaces to ambush prey in. It is also nearly immune to pain; even after being lit on fire it still attacked everything that moved until it finally succumbed to the burning sensation. Although very deadly and a capable hunter, compared with most giant monsters it is fairly average in overall power.