Kumonga (Final Wars)

A.K.A.: Aspiga, Spiega, Giant Spider

Height: 35 Meters

Length: 60 Meters

Weight: 30,000 Tons

Regular Abilities: sharp legs, good at hopping, can shoot yellow webbing out mouth either in a strait trajectory or up in the air to form a web-shaped net

Special Abilities: none

Weakness: cannot let go of webbing stream until done

Film Appearances: Godzilla: Final Wars (2004)

History: One of the monsters controlled by the Zillians in their plot to conquer Earth in 20XX. Sent to Arizona to take out random trailer homes. When Godzilla was unleashed he made his way through New Guinea, and Kumonga was sent to stop him. Hoped around Godzilla and rained web-nets onto him, but at one point Kumonga’s web stream was caught and Godzilla spun him around to send him away to the distance. Fate unknown.


Fighting Power: ***

Another monster taken out by Godzilla very quick. Still, Kumonga is agile, and the webbing can slow down his opponent in order to out-pace them even more. He is also good at the whole "jumping spider" routine. Overall not a weak monster, but not a powerful one either.