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How JFK fooled the americans, and how it ended tragically for him

There are plenty of myths which have blossomed about Kennedy.
His fatal fate in Dallas was at the origin of plenty of gossip.
Though it appears certain that Oswald was not the lone killer that the Warren commission made him, does it mean for as much that Kennedy was a sort of hero fighting against forces of evil that he wanted to counter?
This is where I differ; the situation is in fact more complex than some might think, and I intend to bring a new light in this document.

Oswald was described as the sole killer of Kennedy, and for all those who believe this version and also think that Kennedy was a good president, he appears as an ugly traitor.
But does he really deserve to be considered as such?

Kennedy made a speech about secret societies which makes some think that he wanted to break the secrecy harming the public life.
In reality, the secrecy was bothering Kennedy only when he could not control it himself.
It was much different when he could control this secrecy, as I am going to show you in this document.

There is a myth running that Kennedy wanted to disband the federal reserve, and that's the reason why he would have been assassinated.
But it is total fantasy, Kennedy never had this intention.
Link to an article which explains why the myth that Kennedy would have wanted to disband the federal reserve is wrong
Here is an excerpt of this article:
"In summary, E.O. 11,110 did not create new authority to issue additional silver certificates. In fact, its intention was to ease the process for their removal so that small denomination Federal Reserve Notes could replace them in accordance with a law Kennedy himself signed. If Kennedy had really sought to reduce Federal Reserve power, then why did he sign a bill that gave the Fed still more power?"
Kennedy never intended to disband the federal reserve, and this is not the reason that he got assassinated for.

The fact that Lyndon Johnson would have betrayed Kennedy and would have been in the conspiracy to eliminate him also appears as a total myth.
Johnson pursued the politics that Kennedy had planned to follow (for, unlike what some think, Kennedy was ideologocally for the vietnam war).

So, if I think that there has effectively been a conspiracy to eliminate Kennedy, that Kennedy has not been killed by an isolated insane man, and that I reject usual explanations for the elimination of Kennedy, what do I propose as a reason for eliminating Kennedy?

In April 1961, the invasion of Cuba by the bay of pigs, longly planned and approved by Kennedy, happened.
The CIA called Kennedy a traitor for making it fail.
But what reason would Kennedy have had to make it fail, he who never showed sympathy for communism?
I have read the detailed events of this invasion, I have noticed that, after April 12th, Kennedy's attitude regarding this invasion completely changed, and he started to show clear signs that he was backing up in this operation.
But what did happen on this day which would have made JFK change his mind?

On this day, the russians officially sent the first man ever to space.
But did Gagarin really go to space?

Kennedy warmly congratulated Khrushchev about this exploit.
The fact that Kennedy did not contest this exploit was seen by the russian people, and the whole world, as the confirmation that Gagarin's exploit was real.

Yet, some days later, articles appeared in American newspapers articles which were describing his so-called exploit as a hoax, and explaining why his exploit was not credible.
Link to an article of an article of an American newspaper explaining why the exploit of Gagarin is fake

Some political men, like a representative of Illinois, Pucinski, urged Kennedy not to accept the "exploit" of Gagarin without clarification of the russians (which they never gave).

It seems that Gagarin was systematically announcing the events too early, which strongly suggests that his voice was coming from a talking machine which would have started too early, which explains the desynchronisation between his voice and the corresponding events.
Gagarin said that he was flying over South-America only one quarter of an hour after he departed, when he was needing in fact at least three quarters of an hour to reach it; at the moment he made this announcement, he still was in full pacific ocean.

Gagarin said he could distinctly see the russian farms and meadows when he still was at an altitude of 200 miles, at which altitude he was standing no chance to see them.

Just to give an idea, this is a google earth view of France at an altitude of 200 miles; on it we can see several departments of France; on this view, it is obvious that it is totally impossible to see something as tiny as a farm or a meadow.

Gagarin said he could see the earth through his porthole when the chief of the russian program said in a meeting that his cabin had no porthole, only slits.

And Gagarin, instead of landing inside his space cabin, landed in parachute (and exacly where he used to make his parachute trainings)...

...While his space ship, Vostok, was crashing far away and seriously damaged (which means that Gagarin would have been killed if he had been inside).

It appears impossible that Gagarin could have ejected himself from his space cabin, and there is every evidence that he was dropped from a plane and landed in parachute, exactly like he was doing in his parachute trainings.

There are still plenty of other anomalies, like the fact that Gagarin was viewed under four angles in his cabin when there only were two cameras in it.

Or the fact that his official photo was showing him with a bruise at one eye he only got several monthes after his exploit.

Moreover, Gagarin seemed to have a very bad memory about the events, for he wrote in his memoirs that he was wearing a blue suit during his exploit...

...whereas the russian authorities said he had an orange suit instead, and showed him with this orange suit.

Yet, Kennedy did not express the least doubt about what undoubtedly appears to be a hoax, and warmly congratulated Khrushchev, which allowed this one to build a huge propaganda around this exploit: This exploit could only be real since the Americans were not constesting it, couldn't it?

It is obvious that Kennedy was warned the same day by the NASA that Gagarin's exploit was a fraud and could easily be proven fake.
So, what pushed Kennedy to give a gift to the russians by accepting what he knew to be a hoax, and why did it modify his attitude in the invasion of the bay of pigs as I am going to show by citing interesting parts in the detailed report of the invasion?

April 13th:
McGeorge Bundy informs Rusk, McNamara, and Dulles of Kennedy's decision to close the door on employing U.S. troops against Cuba during the Bay of Pigs operation. The President has rejected the “Nestor Plan” for paramilitary support, according to Bundy. (Bundy Memo, 4/13/61)

April 17th, after a message from Khrushchev:
Kennedy responds that the United States intends no military intervention in Cuba but should an outside force intervene we will immediately honor our obligations under the inter-American system to protect this hemisphere against external aggression. (Johnson, pp.151,152)

April 19th:
Allen Dulles meets with former Vice President Richard Nixon and tells him: "Everything is lost. The Cuban invasion is a total failure." Dulles blames the loss on soft liners in the Kennedy Administration who doomed the operation to failure by last minute compromises. (Wyden, p.294)

April 21st:
At a press conference President Kennedy accepts responsibility for the failed invasion: “There's an old saying that victory has a hundred fathers and defeat is an orphan. What matters,” he says, is only one fact, “I am the responsible officer of the government.” (Wyden, p.305)

It appears very clear that the Gagarin's pseudo exploit pushed Kennedy to make this invasion fail.
Now, let's think a little:
If Kennedy had allowed this invasion to succeed, it would have diminished the value of the gift that Kennedy made by accepting the russian hoax.
By making this invasion fail, Kennedy was on the other hand increasing the value of this gift.
It is absolutely obvious that Kennedy did not make these two gifts to the russians in a disinterested way, and that he was expecting an important favor in return from the russians; it is just as obvious that the idea of making this exchange with the russians came from Gagarin's hoax for, before this hoax, Kennedy was showing no sign that he would make the cuban invasion fail.

When Shepard was, at his turn, the first American to go to space, Kennedy did not change his mind and seize the opportunity to tell the russians that the first man to go to space was American and not russian.
That means that there was another event which was more important for him than having the first man in space.

The interest in these gifts became obvious when Kennedy made his famous speech six weeks later (three weeks after Alan Shepard himself went to space) about sending a man to the moon.
What is the main argument I have often heard which proves that the moon landings were real?
"If the moon landings had been fake, the russians who have spies and capabilities of tracking the american space ships would have seen it, and would have exposed them, especially in these times of cold war!"
Kennedy knew it, and was planning on it to give credibility to the moon landings.
But, for the russians to accept to cover up Apollo, Kennedy knew that they had to receive a counterpart which could be considered equivalent, and that was implying making them enough favors to conquer their silence.
One of the favors was to keep quiet about the Gagarin fraud, which was allowing the russians to give credibility to his fake exploit.
But was the first man in space enough to counter-balance the first man on the moon, which seems an incredible exploit.
Kennedy figured that it might not be sufficient, and that he had to make the russians some other favors to definitively seal their mouth about Apollo.
The refusal to support the invasion of the bay of pigs was the first of these other favors.

Kennedy had also to mind about keeping the silence about the hoax from inside.
If he had appointed as director of the project an honest American engineer, this one would propably not have accepted to lead the project this way, and would have exposed it.
This is why Kennedy appointed as director of the project a man that he was sure he would be loyal to him, and would not disclose the fakery, for the simple reason that this man was indebted to Kennedy because Kennedy was protecting him from justice.
Von Braun was indeed undeniably a war criminal.

Although he claimed not to be informed about the infamous way the workers were treated in Dora-Mittelwerk, there are plenty of testimonies which deny this assertion.
It makes no doubt that, if the Americans had not protected Von Braun because they thought they could use his talents, Von Braun would have been hanged at Nuremberg, so much his crimes and his personal responsibility were obvious and could be proven.

As Kennedy had locked everything so that rebel engineers could not talk out, the only remaining resource for those who were not agreeing with his fakery was to stuff the project with intentional incoherences, what they did; this is even what made me become a moon hoaxer.

Kennedy decided to solve the problem of the persistent demands of Castro for security and reparations, and to make a last gift to the Russians, in order, as he was expecting it, to seal their silence about the Apollo project, by accepting Castro's demands.
But he could not accept these demands without acceptable counterpart, otherwise his popularity, which was already quite low since his defection in the bay of pigs, would have dramatically fallen, and he would have had no chance to get re-elected.
That's why he imagined an absolute weird stratagem which would allow him to fulfill his double goal.
in October 1962, a terrible crisis erupted which seemed to threaten the peace of the world, and the world seemed on the verge of a nuclear war.

Kennedy gave the impression of handling this terrible crisis in a very cold-blooded way, with much self-control.
But, in fact, the way he managed this crisis gives serious doubts about it:
- Why did Kennedy unhesitatingly accept the CIA photo-reconnaissance clichés since the CIA's U-2 surveillance had made a such fiasco in the bay of pigs?
- Why did Kennedy accept this evidence whereas it was not substantiated by reports of secret agents in Cuba?
- And, more important, why didn't the cubans make any effort to conceal the missiles and left them several days full in evidence till they were certain they had been photographed by a scheduled U-2 overflight of San Cristobal, when it is proven that they had capabilities of tracking the U-2 on soviet radars?
All this stinks of a manipulation!
Link to an article explaining how Kennedy concocted the pseudo crisis of the cuban missiles, and why it caused his fatal fate, and also the one of Robert Kennedy

Moreover the soviet ambassador Zorin said he was not understanding what the americans were complaining about, that the soviet had issued no threat against the Americans, and that the American photos were fake and had been doctored.
Of course, the American media said it was a manipulation from the russians.
Link to an article showing that the soviets issued no threat against the americans
I have found an interesting link, relating the cuban history, and talking about this event.
You might say that this history might have a tendency to lean toward being favorable to communism, but even so, it has no interest in lying about this event, and they say this:
"In fact, no SS-5 missiles were ever shipped to or located in Cuba, although this is denied by U.S. officials during the crisis. Two days later a Defense Department spokesperson publicly states that the Pentagon has no information regarding nuclear missiles in Cuba and that no emergency military measures are being implemented. The president is briefed (SNIE 11-18-62) that should the United States aggressively attack Cuba, it would likely lead to World War III."

Of course, this aroused my curiosity, and since I have found a web page showing american reconnaissance photos of the cuban missiles, I considered it was worth examing them..and I was right, for the trickery showed in full light!
Link to the site of the US national security archive with the photos of the cuban missiles crisis

This is the cuban photo numbered 3.
The legend for this photo is:
"August 29, 1962: U-2 photograph showing no construction at Guanajay."

This is the cuban photo numbered 4.
The legend for this photo is:
"August 29, 1962: U-2 photograph of SA-2 surface-to-air missile (SAM) site under construction at La Coloma."
We see a david star on the photo, so the russians must be here!

This is the cuban photo numbered 5.
The legend for this photo is:
"Completed SA-2 missile site showing characteristic Star of David pattern."
Oh sure, we see a star of David, so it must be the russians.
They absolutely want to leave their signature, so that the American reconnaissance planes can see it is them!
Oh my god, and those who see that are absolutely not surprised about a so lame evidence!

If we compare the david star between the two previous photos, they are not identical, they show differences.

This is the cuban photo numbered 8.
Its legend is:
"September 15, 1962: photograph of the Soviet large-hatch ship Poltava on its way to Cuba."

We also see the same boat on its way back to russia on photo numbered 25, with the following legend:
" October 24, 1962: Low-level photograph of the Poltava, turning back towards Moscow, carrying IRBM missiles (circled are the IRBM launch rings on trucks)."

But see the size of the trucks which are circled on the photo 25 compared with the trucks on the photo 8: they appear oversized, and yet it is the same type of truck.

This is the cuban photo numbered 9.
Its legend is:
"Crateology – photograph of crates holding Komar guided-missile patrol boats on their way to Cuba, September 1962."

Why are the crates so high, and why is the roof of these crates assymetrical?

This is the cuban photo numbered 11.
Its legend is:
" September 26, 1962: U-2 photograph showing surface-to-surface cruise missile (named “Kennel” by the U.S., FKR in Soviet plans) launch area at Banes."
We hardly see anything; it requires imagination to identify these things as the legend states it.

This is the cuban photo numbered 12.
Its legend is:
" CIA reference photograph of Soviet cruise missile in its air-launched configuration."
This is a cruise missile???
What a joke!
You know what it is?
It is a soviet glider which was embarked in a big plane, and which was dropped from this plane during its flight.

This is the cuban photo numbered 13.
Its legend is:
"September 28, 1962: photograph of Soviet ship Kasimov with IL-28 bomber fuselages in crates."

We see trucks which are well camouflaged by the fuselage crates, but the fuselage crates themselves are absolutely not hidden and in full evidence.
They have not even put a tarpaulin over them to conceal them.
What a carelessness from the russians; yet they are not known as amateurs!

This is the cuban photo numbered 14.
Its legend is:
"October 14, 1962: U-2 photograph of a truck convoy approaching a deployment of Soviet MRBMs near Los Palacios at San Cristobal. This photograph was the first one identified by NPIC on 15 October as showing Soviet medium-range ballistic missiles in Cuba."

The trucks are too close to each other.
When trucks are carrying secret weapons, they don't ride these way, they put more distance between each other.

This is the cuban photo numbered 15.
Its legend is:
" October 14, 1962: U-2 photograph of MRBM site two nautical miles away from the Los Palacios deployment – the second set of MRBMs found in Cuba. This site was subsequently named San Cristobal no. 1 (the photo is labeled 15 October for the day it was analyzed and printed)."
But, in fact, it is impossible to distinguish small details, so it is left to interpretation.

This is the cuban photo numbered 16.
Its legend is:
"CIA reference photograph of Soviet medium-range ballistic missile (SS-4 in U.S. documents, R-12 in Soviet documents) in Red Square, Moscow."
In fact, the goal of this photo is to give an idea of the huge size of the russian missiles.
And we'll see in what follows why this size is important.

This is the cuban photo numbered 18.
Its legend is:
"October 15, 1962: U-2 photograph of IL-28 bomber crates at San Julian airfield."

Now, all these crates are identical, they should all have the same size and consistence.
Yet, you can see that it is far from being the case!
Some are thinner than others!

This is the cuban photo numbered 19.
Its legend is:
"October 17, 1962: U-2 photograph of first IRBM site found under construction."

There are communications missing between some major roads.

And, the security fence is built in an aberrant way:
Its contour appears to be completely illogical!

This is the cuban photo numbered 21.
Its legend is:
"October 23, 1962: U.S. Navy low-level photograph of San Cristobal MRBM site no. 1 (mission led by Commander William Ecker)."
A close examination of this photograph reveals a certain number of anomalies.

As you can see, there are plenty of wheel tracks, but none right behind the trucks, like they had been deposited on the ground instead of naturally riding.

On this close-up, you can see wheel tracks which stop very abruptly.
Did the truck which made these tracks start to fly from this point?

And observe these two trucks on this close-up, how they are strangely parked.
One of them is blocking the other one; yet, it is not by lack of space, for there is plenty of remaining space.

On this close-up, you can see that there are wheel tracks which pass under a tree which dangerously bends.
A truck carrying weapons would never pass under a tree which is so unstable.
Futhermore, look at the base of the tree: It looks rather strange.

Look at the shelter of the missiles: It appears very close to a tree, and this tree looks quite important relatively to the missiles shelter.
Yet, we have seen that the russian missiles have an important size, so this shelter must also have a consequent size.
The conclusion is that this tree would rather be a big tree.

Not at all, because, if you compare this tree with the other trees around, you can see that it is a very small tree, a baby tree.

This close-up shows the missile erector.
There is a tree in full middle of the missile erector.
Do you really think that they would place the missile erector so that there would be a tree in full middle of it?
Are the Russians that stupid?

This is the cuban photo numbered 22.
Its legend is:
"October 23, 1962: U.S. Navy low-level photograph of nuclear warhead bunker under construction at San Cristobal no. 1."
This joke is a bunker?

You can see that it looks small relatively to the trees around.

Now observe the area which is before the bunker; it is very clear and allows reconnaissance planes to easily spot the bunker.
Moreover, it is strangely oriented, and stops very abruptly.
Why is there no continuity, why does it stop so abruptly?
And we see plenty of people walking on it, and even some on the top of the bunker, and this in spite of an American plane passing over them.
And it cannot even be said that they have been taken by surprise, for they had radars to see the American planes come from far.

This close-up shows what is labeled as "prefabrication materials".
Oh really?
Does it look like prefabrication materials to you?
I would be surprised!

And what is this strange thing I show on this close-up?
Seriously, what could be its use?
You can see that it is hollow.
A mini-bunker (like russian puppets which fit into each other)?

This is the cuban photo numbered 23.
Its legend is:
"NPIC drawing of nuclear warhead bunker under construction."
This drawing contradicts the previous photo, for, on the drawing, the bunker appears buried into the ground, whereas it is not on the previous photo.
And the trees around seem smaller relatively to the bunker than on the previous photo.

This is the cuban photo numbered 24.
Its legend is:
"October 23, 1962: U.S. Navy low-level photograph of Sagua la Grande MRBM site."

A close-up on the missile (circled) on its trailer.

A close-up on a little cottage at some distance from the missile trailer.
We can see that it is not big, for we can guess a door, and windows.

Now, if we compare the missile with the little cottage, the cottage appears quite big relatively to it.
Yet, given the important size of the missile, it shoud appear bigger relatively to the cottage.

This ridiculous thing is supposed to be, according to the legend, "erector on launch pad".

Moreover, it is oriented in an aberrant way, for it points directly toward a cliff.

This little cabin is supposed to be "Prob Hydrogen peroxyde tanks".
Oh my god!

And, where it is supposed to be "Oxidizer vehicles", I can see stritcly nothing!

This is the cuban photo numbered 26.
Its legend is:
"October 25, 1962: Low-level photograph of San Cristobal no. 1 showing extensive tracking from surging construction and possible missile readiness drills."

On this close-up, we see a rover (circled in orange), and two pairs of wheel tracks, but none of them has the direction of the rover!
And what is this strange thing I have framed in red?

This close-up shows, according to the legend, missile transporters, but they are not even identical, and show random holes.
They make me think of a cheese.

This is the cuban photo numbered 27.
Its legend is:
"Low-level photograph of San Cristobal no. 1 suggesting missile readiness drills."

On this close-up, we can see two trucks I have circled.
The one I have circled in green is normally put on the ground.
But the one I have circled in red (reversed relatively to the one I circled in green) is strangely perched on the top of a big rock!
What is it doing on this rock? How did it get there?

On this close-up, we see cars (circled in red), and people (circled in green).
But see how the cars are small relatively to the people.

On this close-up, we can see a tanker feeding a truck which is behind him; I show with an arrow the cable which connects them.
Apparently no problem...but see the distance which separates them!
Why hasn't the tanker come closer to the truck it is feeding?

And notice that the missiles are laid along a major road; why haven't they seeked more discretion?
Why haven't used the little road which could have led them to a more hidden, less visible place?

This is the cuban photo numbered 28.
Its legend is:
"October 25, 1962: U.S. Navy surveillance of first Soviet F-class submarine to surface near the quarantine line (conning tower number 945, Soviet fleet number B-130, commanded by Shumkov)."

In the background, we can see a ship, and it is American (we are in American waters).
Never a submarine would surface when an adversary ship is in view.

Therefore, this photo is unrealistic.
(Unless the Russians are total morons!)

This cuban photo is numbered 30.
Its legend is:
"U-2 photograph of Soviet troop encampment at Holguin."

The "soviet troops" are really strangely parked; their tents appear bigger on one side than on the other side.
Did they take their children with them?
Moreover, the tracks we see on the other areas around them allow to easily spot them.

This cuban photo is numbered 31.
Its legend is:
"Low-level photograph of Soviet unit insignia displayed in front of their camp."
We see plenty of artifacts.

But one of these artifacts seems to represent the soviet insignia.
So the russians must be there, mustn't they?
And they insist on showing where they are!

This cuban photo is numbered 32.
Its legend is:
"October 26, 1962: The U.S. destroyer Joseph P. Kennedy stops, boards and inspects the Marucla, a dry-cargo ship of Lebanese registry under Soviet charter to Cuba."

I was not knowing what the destroyer Joseph Kennedy looked like, but the flag of the ship on the right looks like the lebanese flag, so, the Joseph Kennedy must be the other ship.

Effectively the other ship looks like the Joseph Kennedy... I could check by looking for photographs of the actual Joseph Kennedy ship.

But there is something on the Joseph Kennedy ship of the cuban photo which does not seem to belong to the actual ship.

I have circled this strange thing.

This thinks makes me think of the death with its scythe.
Is it a presage of what will happen to Kennedy in Dallas?

This is the cuban photo numbered 33.
Its legend is:
"October 27, 1962: The Soviet ship Grozny crosses the quarantine line, but stops after U.S. Navy ships fire star shells across her bow."

Of course, I have wanted to compare it with the real Grozny ship.
I have found a model made by a talented russian amateur, and we can fully trust this model for every detail of it to be exact, accurate.

We can see that there is a chimney on one end of the ship of the cuban photo.

Yet, on the real Grozny ship there is no chimney on either end of the ship!!!

This is the cuban photo numbered 34.
Its legend is:
"October 27, 1962: Cuban anti-aircraft gunners open fire on low-level reconnaissance planes over San Cristobal site no. 1 (a Soviet SA-2 missile shoots down Maj. Rudolf Anderson’s U-2 on this day)."

Although there is a radar (circled in green) to spot the American plane, there is strangely no gun pointing toward it.
Are these guns only intended to shoot birds?
And there are plenty of people wandering in open field.

The major Rudolf Anderson is the only American casualty of this strange war.
In fact, it seems obvious that this military just had an accident during these events, and that he was just used by Kennedy as an evidence of the reality of this threat.
His death has obviously nothing to do with this pseudo crisis.

This is the cuban photo numbered 35.
Its legend is:
"October 28, 1962: The U.S. Navy shadows the second Soviet F-class submarine to surface, after repeated rounds of signaling depth charges on 27 October (the sub features no conning tower number, but is Soviet fleet number B-59, commanded by Stavitsky)."

Of course, you know me too much not to suspect that I tried to compare the submarine of the photo with an actual soviet F-class submarine.
I tried to find one on Google, but they served me the one of the cuban photo, and I am not going to compare fake with fake.
Finally I found a photo of an actual soviet F-class submarine.

A comparison from far seems to show that the two submarines are identical.

...If we concentrate on the conning tower of the submarine, we can see that the one of the cuban photo and the one of the actual submarine are not strictly identical.

On the one of the submarine of cuban photo, there is a hole which does not exist on the one of the actual soviet submarine, a hole through which we can see the sea!

This is the cuban photo numbered 36.
Its legend is:
"October 29, 1962: Low-level photography reveals Soviet removal of missile erectors and transporters at San Cristobal."
This photo is funny, because it shows plenty of things which are no more here, because they have been removed.
"You can see nothing because the things have been removed, but we can assure you they were there!"

This is the cuban photo numbered 38.
Its legend is:
" November 5, 1962: Low-level photography documents loading of Soviet missiles at the main Mariel port facility for return to the USSR. On the dock are vehicles later identified by NPIC as nuclear warhead vans."

Now look at the ship I have circled: It is maneuvering too close to the quay, that it has every chance to hit during its maneuver!
A ship of this size would never try to maneuver so close to the quay.
It would first go straight far enough from the quay, and then only would maneuver.
Therefore this photo is completely unreaslistic.

This is the cuban photo numbered 39.
Its legend is:
"Early November 1962: Low-level photography captures convoy of Soviet trucks driving onto dock at north Mariel port to begin loading process."

Look at this close-up of the trucks.
Independently of their orientation, the front of the trucks appears abnormal.
And it is not for a question of definition, because the rear of the trucks appears clear and normal.

On this close-up, look at the shadows which are projected by the chimney of the boat.
The shadow which is projected on the base of the chimney is oriented toward the right...But the shadow which is projected on the deck is shifted toward the left!
Incoherence, you said incoherence?

This cuban photo is numbered 40.
Its legend is:
"Early November 1962: Low-level photography reveals 17 missile erectors at north Mariel port awaiting return to the USSR."

The missile erectors should all be strictly identical...but far from it.

On this close up, you can see that the missile erector which is partially hidden by a pylon is very obviously different from the one which is on its right, when it should be identical!

And these ridiculous cubes are labeled as "Launch stands".

This cuban photo is numbered 41.
Its legend is:
"November 6, 1962: Soviet personnel and six missile transporters loading onto ship transport at Casilda port. (Note shadow at lower right of RF-101 reconnaissance jet taking the photograph.)"

The missile transporters are just put on the deck, not even strapped.
And they look really strange; they make me think of giant screws!

But the funniest thing in this photo, really hilarious, is this shadow that they say to be the shadow of the plane which takes the photo!
Super LOL!

This is the cuban photo numbered 44.
Its legend is:
"Close-up of the Soviet nuclear warhead processing base at the Mariel runway, onto which the 101st Airborne was scheduled to parachute if a U.S. invasion took place."
Frankly, I have closely examined this photo, and all I could find was people and cars!

This is the cuban photo numbered 46.
Its legend is:
"November 9, 1962: Low-level photograph of 6 Frog (Luna) missile transporters under a tree at a military camp near Remedios. U.S. photo analysts first spotted these tactical nuclear-capable missiles on October 25, but only in 1992 did U.S. policymakers learn that nuclear warheads for the Lunas were already in Cuba in October 1962."

See how these russian trucks are cleverly camouflaged under this tree.
The russians are really experts in the art of camouflage!

That means that Kennedy scared the americans with a fake nuclear threat he created himself!
Yes, as incredible as it might seem, he dared do that, he pushed the perversity up to do that!

October 18, 1962: White House photograph of President Kennedy meeting with Soviet foreign minister Andrei Gromyko and Ambassador Anatoly Dobrynin – in which JFK does not reveal he knows about the missiles, and Gromyko asserts that Soviet military assistance is purely defensive.

Don't you find that Kennedy looks quite relaxed for a president who has to face a major nuclear threat?

Here Kennedy appears in a political meeting in Springfield.
His fans appear smiling and relaxed, but it is not surprising, for he has not informed them yet about the cuban missiles.
But, concerning himself, he was supposed to already know about the nuclear threat, and he appears as relaxed and smiling as them!

Not a hint of emotion when Kennedy addresses the nation about the nuclear threat.
His face is not tense, and he speaks with a calm, firm voice, he just recites his speech.
He might as well be speaking about a trivial event of no importance.

In this crisis, Kennedy very clearly acted in an infamous way and backstabbed the americans; he played with their emotions, without the least scruple.

Now what were the motives which pushed Kennedy to fake this crisis?
I see three of them:
1) Make a new gift to the russians by accepting all of Castro's demands about security and reparations, and by removing missiles pointing at USSR from Turkey.
2) Gain in the same time a huge popularity by feigning to "save" the Americans from a terrible nuclear threat which frightened them to death
This popularity besides allowed the democrats to win the mid-term elections.

3) And I even see a third one: Create a climate of harsh cold war by making believe that the conflict between americans and russians was so acute that it could degenerate in a generalized nuclear war at any moment.
The purpose of this was for Kennedy to give still more credibility to Apollo if the russians were keeping quiet about it.

But, if Kennedy seemed to make an immediate gain with this crisis, on a longer term, it was much different:
Imagine what would have happened if the russians had revealed to the american public what insane role kennedy had played in the pseudo cuban missiles crisis that every american believed to be real?
He would have been definitively washed out!
Kennedy thus allowed the russians to have a blackmail hold over him, which was allowing them to ask him whatever they wanted from him, and he could not refuse if he wanted to keep a political future!

In short, kennedy had become the puppet of the russians, and they could now conduct US politics through him.
Kennedy had only two solutions: Accept all their demands, or resign from his post.

In fact, after having thought it over, I think that he didn't even have the option to resign.
The russians were too happy to have an US president thay could blackmail, and they probably told him that, if he was resigning, they would also expose his infamous role in the so-called crisis of cuban missiles.
It appears certain that the outraged american people would have demanded him to be court-martialled for high treason.

I think that this crisis, he handled in a so insane way, sealed his fate.
From this moment he led a desperate runaway which could only have a fatal issue for him.

"Ich bin ein Berliner" did Kennedy say in his Berlin speech, saying before enthusiastic germans that he was the champion of the free world, and that he would protect them from communism.

Yet, in a letter to Harold Macmillan, Kennedy wrote: "After careful review of the problem, I have to come to the conclusion that it would be undesirable to assist France's efforts to create a nuclear weapons capability".Kennedy was particularly dissatisfied with De Gaulle's intentions to assist the West Germany in developing nuclear weapons."

The french had indeed very strong links with the west germans, and they were ready to bring them assistance in case of aggression.

Clearly, Kennedy was trying to deprive West Germany from a way to resist to an unification between East and West Germany, not the way we now know, but the reverse one, that it an entirely communist Germany.
He was trying to please the Russians again, and this after having made a speech in Berlin hypocritically asserting the Berliners he would protect them against communism.

No doubt that Kennedy was obeying an order from his new masters, the russians.

Kennedy was very clearly backstabbing people he had promised to protect.

Thankfully the french had talented scientists.
Aren't they the ones who discovered radioactivity?
They had the knowledge to develop themselves their nuclear weapon and didn't need the brits for that purpose.

They proved it by making nuclear tests which left no doubt about their capability to develop nuclear weapons.
So Kennedy's plan to backstab West Germany failed.

Kennedy was a fervent adept of the ‘Domino Theory’ of Eisenhower, and he was convinced that, if South Vietnam fell to communism, then other states in the region would as a consequence. This Kennedy was not prepared to contemplate.

In 1961, Kennedy was sending american troops to Vietnam with the clear intent to bring assistance to South Vietnam, and prevent it from falling into the hands of the communist north Vietnam.

The soul of South Vietnam's resistance was the general Ngo Dinh Diem; Johnson had much admiration for him and was considering him the savior of South Vietnam, the rampart against communism.
He was the one who could organize resistance and block North Vietnam.

Under the false pretext of a buddhist protest, Kennedy set up a coup d'état against Diem which allowed to overthrow and kill him.
This put South Vietnam into a turmoil which lasted two years and completely disorganized South Vietnam's resistance.

In an article published in a newspaper, Johnson explained that overthrowing Diem was an enormous mistake, that it deprived South Vietnam from defending itself against North Vietnam and left it an easy prey for the communists.

Thereafter, in a last desperate effort to save the situation, the americans sent troops to fight against the north vietnamese.

But the north vietnamese were not making a conventional war.
They were making a guerilla, making fast surprise attacks, and retreating very fast before the americans had the time to react.
In this kind of war, the superiority in armament of the americans was useless and inefficient.

The russians had exacly the same problem in Afghanistan; in spite of their strong superiority in military power, they failed to invade a country in which the enemy appeared to be invisible most times, though it could strike at any moment.

The Americans made carpet bombings which were totally useless and inefficient, and alienated them the people that they were supposed to save.

The conclusion of this absurd and unpopular war is that the americans lost many men for nothing.
The south vietnam fell to communism despite all american efforts.

If Kennedy had not eliminated Diem, he could have organized the resistance of the south vietnamese, he could have cristallised the efforts of the south Vietnamese to resist against the communist invaders.

And, instead of sending troops on the ground, who were regarded as invaders by the south vietnamese themselves, the Americans would just have provided air support and miltary assistance, but would have let the south Vietnamese themselves fight for their freedom.

If the partition of Korea into two blocks, a communist north and a democratic south was possible in Korea, there is no reason it could not succeed in Vietnam too.

By illegally overthrowing Diem, Kennedy cut the wings of South Vietnam's resistance, and made it impossible.
He doomed Vietnam to become entirely communist and caused the death of many young americans in a last desperate effort to save a situation which could not be reversed.

Once more Kennedy obeyed the orders of his russian masters.

And once more Kennedy backstabbed the ones he had promised to help.

If an american president was seeming to preside in the white house... reality it was exactly the same as Khrushchev had been personally presiding in the white house, since Kennedy was obeying all his orders.

This is one of the last photos of Kennedy as he was visiting the NASA six days before his assassination in Dallas.
He seems pensive on this photo.
Do you want to know what he is thinking about?
I am going to tell you what he is thinking about!

"I'll have my lunar triumph, I'll damn have it; I have enough betrayed and backstabbed to deserve it, I'll have it!"

And people will adore me, worship me; I'll become incredibly popular, I'll be the greatest president ever!"

Everybody knows the famous citation of JFK: "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for this country".
I like this citation, but in fact it is not from Kennedy, he stole it from someone else.

And, in the case of Kennedy, who was only thinking about his personal interest, it must be interpreted this way.

Kennedy was also known as a "womanizer".
In fact, it is a politically correct term for saying that he was in reality a serial rapist.
Kennedy fucked as many women as he could, he was treating them as objects he could throw after having used them.

It is a known fact that he had an affair with Marilyn Monroe.
But Marilyn Monroe did not want to just have sex with Kennedy, she wanted a more serious relationship with him; but for him, it was out of question, and Monroe was just representing for him an object of lust.

Mariyn had the way to blackmail JFK, and that was embarrassing him.
JFK was looking for ways of getting rid of her.

This article opens the way between two possibilities concerning Marilyn's death, an accident or a suicide.
But they have forgotten a third possibility: Murder.

From the independent:
"While there always had been speculation that Robert Kennedy was involved with Monroe's death, the official story was that the Attorney General was in northern California that weekend. However, the retired Los Angeles Police Chief Daryl Gates has now admitted that Kennedy was in Los Angeles on the day Monroe died, and in 1985 Eunice Murray, her housekeeper, revealed on the BBC documentary Say Goodbye to the President that Robert Kennedy had visited the film star's house in the hours before she died."

Kennedy was even involved in having sex with minors, like the sexual assault he tried to make against a girl who was then aged 19.
I remind you that, at that time, the age of majority as still 21, and that 19 was considered minor.
Kennedy invited Alford to a "wild party" at Bing Crosby's desert ranch, and allegedly forced her to try amyl nitrate — better known as "poppers." The chemical compound raises the heart rate, and is commonly used to enhance sex. Kennedy didn't try them, she says, but he held the amyl nitrate under her nose against her will, after which she ran from the room crying.

In fact, the conspiracy to get rid of Kennedy was not a little conspiracy, but a huge conspiracy, involving both the CIA and the FBI, for it was a matter of state; it was about eliminating a president who had become a traitor to his country, an open threat to US security, who was making the US a valet of Russia.
The CIA recruited the killers, and the FBI gave orders to the police to control the events; the police was supposed to arrest the patsy, Oswald, and to kill him for "resisting arrest" before he could say he was innocent.
It did not work like planned because of unexpected witnesses who prevented the police from immediately getting rid of Oswald.
Oswald still had the time to say he was patsy, before being killed by Ruby, as we know.

So, the assassination of Kennedy was the unavoidable conslusion of he sword of Damocles which was hanging over him since his insane role in the fake crisis of the cuban missiles which turned him into a puppet of the russians and a traitor.
Kennedy deserved what happened to him in Dallas, he reaped what he sowed.

The real innocent victim of Dallas is Lee Harvey Oswald.
He died as the sacrificial goat for the necessary murder of the traitor which had to be covered up.

It is like Kennedy had himself killed Oswald.

It is not because Kennedy disappeared that the moon hoax, he had initiated, stopped for as much.
It came to its conclusion in 1969, under Nixon's presidency, before a decade as Kennedy had wanted it.
I am almost sure that Nixon was not aware of the hoax, and believed that the astronauts really walked on the moon; the CIA did not need to tell him about the fakery, the organization that Kennedy had set up, and persisted even though he had himself desappeared, was perfectly running and autonomous.

If the CIA went on with the moon hoax after Kennedy disappeared (who was the one who started it and intended it as dishonest), I think it has to do with the Vietnam war.
Apollo was allowing to divert the attention from the Vietnam war which was getting more and more unpopular.

I also suspect that a good part of the money that the Americans gave for the fabulous dream of walking on the moon has been diverted for the expensive needs of the Vietnam war; it is indeed less expensive to fake the moon landings than to really do them (and also less dangerous).
It was easier to make the Americans pay for a dream than for an unpopular war that the americans were starting to get tired of.

And the whole world marveled at these men walking on the "moon", when in fact they were simply walking in a studio somewhere on earth.
But were the gifts that Kennedy make to the russians enough to keep them quiet about Apollo?

In fact, the Americans made some new gifts to the russians to seal their mouth about Apollo, but not in Kennedy's style.
One of them was the delivery of crops to the Russians that they were in need of.
The delivery of these crops was delayed for some years, in order to be sure that the Russians would keep quiet meanwhile, and would not be tempted to talk once they were in possession of these crops.

But the other reason of the silence of the Russians over Apollo is that they too had their lunar program, Lunokhod.
It might not be a manned landing, but it still was a way for the Russians to make propaganda about their technological aptitudes, to show what they were capable of, with the confirmation that it was not exposed by the americans; if it was fake, the americans would have exposed it, wouldn't they?
In fact the truth is that the Russians did not have the technological capability of landing their rovers on the moon.

Unlike on earth, the Russians could not land their rovers on the moon with parachutes.

Like I have repetitively explained, and unlike what misinformed people use to think, controlling a spacecraft in the void is much more difficult than controlling a plane in air's atmosphere, due to the absence of air forces in the void; it requires a more advanced technology to control a spacecraft in the void, and the computers were too primitive in that time to provide this technology.

The perfect illustration of this is the crash of the Lem's prototype forcing Arstrong to eject himself in parachute to save his life; it was just a temporary depletion of fuel, and, if it had happened on a plane, Armstrong could have kept the control of the plane till the problem disappeared; there would have been no crash.
In the void, this kind of problem is fatal.
And this is not even an isolated problem, it has happened several times with this prototype, and that's why the ejection seat was so important on this prototype.

So, Lunokhod was another deception, a way that the russian government used to distract the attention of their people from other concerns, like the American government did to distract the attention of their own people from the Vietnam war.

It was sure a crime to make disappear in an accident those who were skeptical about the Apollo programme, and Kennedy cannot be suspected of this crime as he had already disappeared.
Kennedy was not the only criminal, but no doubt that he himself would not have backed up before this alternative.

Besides, there were no further missions after the Vietnam war stopped.
It was no longer necessary to divert the attention from a war which existed no more.

It was time to stop the comedy of Apollo, for, when we see the face of the participants in the Apollo 17 conference; it was obvious that they were not proud of what they were doing.

Nixon has left the image of a crooked president.

This comes from the watergate case in which he was involved and which gave him this little flattering image.
He denied any responsibility in this case, and you know what? I believe him!

Why would Nixon have taken the insane risk of spying the democratic party, when he was the president when Apollo landed on the moon, and also the president who stopped the unpopular Vietnam war.
That had gained him a huge popularity, and he won the elections with a good advance over his democratic competitor.
I say it makes no sense.

I say that the CIA framed him in this case.
Did the CIA have a reason to involve him in a scandal?
Yes it did, it did because Nixon was starting to take initiatives which were strongly displeasing the CIA.

Nixon was trying to establish diplomatic reationships with communist China.
But why was Nixon doing that, he who was anti-communist?

Because, for Nixon, the real enemy, the one which had to be feared and contained, was USSR.

Like all the americans, he had believed in the fake crisis of the cuban missiles, and he had really believed that the world had been on the verge of a nuclear war, a third world war.
The real enemy, for Nixon, was the russians, and he was intending to use China as a counterweight to the expansion of USSR.

His wife went as far as wearing a red coat to court the chinese, to show that americans were the friends of the chinese.

But, for the CIA, it was clear that Nixon was being manipulated and instrumentalized by the chinese.
The CIA knew that China was as red, and even less democratic than the USSR, and that it had to be countered as much as the USSR.
If China had to be a counterweight to USSR, it did not need for as much to establish diplomatic relationships with it.
The CIA decided to stop Nixon's insane game by impeaching him, since it could not convince him he was going toward a wrong direction.

But, unlike Kennedy that the CIA was deeply hating, enough to wish his physical elimination, the CIA was not hating Nixon, and was not considering him a traitor, just misled.
The CIA discarded the idea of a physical elimination, the solution that it chose for Kennedy.
Besides the physical elimination had undesired side effects; it was allowing to create legends making Kennedy a good man, when the CIA knew he was bad.
The CIA set up the affair of the Watergate and involved Nixon in it, who was totally unaware of what was being plotted behind his back.

And the mysterious source, "Deep throat", which informed the journalists of the Washington Post about the watergate case (who won a pulitzer prize from it), was in fact the CIA.
The CIA manipulated in fact these journalists, and made them "heroes" of truth.

The CIA was not feeling comfortable about having framed Nixon that it had no hatred for (unlike Kennedy that it fiercely hated), so, to make it up, it is certainly the CIA which pushed Gerald Ford to give his pardon to Nixon for this case (I even think that Ford may have been informed about CIA's maneuver).
This decision of pardoning Nixon has been criticized by those who were not knowing about CIA's set-up, and thought that Nixon had really perpetrated this crime.

So, in conclusion, Nixon was certainly very naive, and easily manipulable, but he was not fundamentally evil, he was well intended.

Georges Bush also has been considered by many as a bad president for his involvement in Iraq War, and the bad reasons which led to this war.

Pasting fake WMD on Iraq maps was certainly evil, and not better than the fake missiles on cuban maps in the fake crisis of the cuban missiles orchestrated by Kennedy, but Bush was certainly not aware of this trickery, and honestly believed these massive destruction weapons really existed.

Besides, this caricature perfectly illustrates how Bush was a puppet of some who were acting behind his back.
And I have not made this one (But I have used it to make my own caricatures, as you might have noticed).

But Kennedy was really different.
He was fundamentally evil, he was acting for his own personal interest, and he was not hesitating to cheat, betray, and backstab just to care about his personal interest.
He was hypocritically promising to help people and later backstabbing them.

Behind his broad smile, Kennedy was hiding a black soul.

So, if you think that a traitor...
...a backstabber...
...a hypocrite...
...and a rapist deserves a legend...

..The only legend that I see for him is a black legend....

...The kind of Dark Vador!

Open your eyes about Kennedy, and see him for what he was, a despicable traitor!