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I don't exhibit the appropriate behavior/Well, do me a favor/Back off my flavor if you don't like it/Because I'm not gonna spike it/With your poison of conformity/Your bland normalityYour dictator totality/And you unfree formailities...

Keep on Wobblin'

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Welcome to the land of Wobbly, where no living creature can walk properly!  This is a dedication page created by Randi so that all those on the internet who happen to stumble upon this page may know how awesome WobblyWobbles aka Robb Whiting actually is.  Basically, this page should give all the honeys a good reason to click the "Contact the Wobbmeister" link. 

<--He hears all, he sees all...and if he's drunk enough, he'll say all too!!!!
You have seven guesses to figure out which one is Robb...Here's a clue...look at the picture above this text...and rule out everyone except Robb.
Okay, so now you know who Robb is, here's another picture of him.  This wouldn't be a very fun dedication site unless I put up some extremely unflattering pictures of Robb, so I made sure to include the oldest crappiest pictures of him that I could possibly get my hands in other words, he looks much better in real life than these ancient pictographs.