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Jade's Forgotten Past Wolf Pack

::Forgotten Past Wolf Pack News::
*AroooOOOooOOOoo!* Hello Wolves! Did some complete remodeling around here... well I'd hope you'd notice! I hope you like it, the content is pretty much the same although I AM editing that a little too. As of 5-10-03 EVERY SINGLE PAGE has been updated. Please come again soon!
Thank you Azaria Starr, and Cherokee Wolf for the new awards. I'd also like to thank Lonesome Wolves for the BEAUTIFUL awards! They are linked back to your site for more people to admire :)
:::Site outlooks:::
Some great new sites I've found are some of the following, give a howl out to...
Frightful's Welping Den
One of my best friends online named Frightful, she is Alpha Female in the Forgotten Past Wolf Pack Guild and has been with me through thick and thin, to a great friend let's hear it for Frighty!
Also, giving a big shout-out to
Azaria Starr- Webmaster of Icestar
She has introduced me to The Wizard's Quest, a competition site for all types of web-pages. She has been a great friend and gotten me really into the team spirit.
You may contact me with the email below:

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