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strawberry dust
*new gift*
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a new beautiful easter gift from mariiii:

Posted by stephie at 12:49 PM EST
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*new gift*
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hello all! im sorry i wasn't here all week, as i was in CUBA! it was awesome ive got a nice tan and braided hair now!! YAY ME!

anyways, here is a new beautiful gift from maki:

thanks maki its gorgeous!

Posted by stephie at 7:17 PM EST
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contest update

click the link above to see my first entry from taxi for the fruit and veg contest!

Posted by stephie at 7:55 PM EST
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*sister banner!*
Mood:  lazy

DO NOT ADOPT! this is mine and mariiii's sister banner! isn't it gorgeous? we are so cute in our plump little sailor outfits. feel free to visit her site, it is fabulous. and enter her contests!!! click on the banner to visit her site.

Posted by stephie at 10:31 AM EST
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*new gift*
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a fabulous gift from my sister, mariiii. it's on her gorgeous new base, "sweet angel". check it out, she is so amazingly talented.

Posted by stephie at 6:11 PM EST
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hi everyone. since i didn't do january's monthly awards, i'm doing february's a tad early. congrats to all the recipients, and i hope everyone else is as successful as them.

i chose let it bee as this month's site of the month for so many reasons. anna has originality, creativity, imagination, and organization. she has such fantastic dolling techniques, skills, and ideas. every doll she creates reflects her positively vivid imagintaiton. her site includes an adorable layout and a contests, dolls, "me", bases, and links section. she has accomplished so much and she truly deserves this award.

this doll, created by my sister mariiii is absolutely stunning. the hair especially caught my eye and made me melt when i first saw this doll. the technique mariiii uses for every part of this doll is simply fantastic and the doll seems to glow every time i look at it. the colours mariiii chose brighten up the screen and go together so well. you definitley deserve this award for this amazing doll, sis!

this base is adorable, to say the least. i love it. i truly love it. every time i make a doll on it, it turns out fabulous. i don't know - there is just something about this base that makes me so motivated, so inspired and makes it so easy to come up with ideas. every time i make a doll with it, i have so much fun! you'd better try it! i also appreciate how josie created this base with three skin tones available. josie also included a wide range of face options, which always helps give the doll personality. fantastic dolling, josie!

Posted by stephie at 9:21 PM EST
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*new gift*

this is from maki! it is so beautiful, thanks maki-chan.

Posted by stephie at 10:57 PM EST
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to get to my contests section, look to your left, check the side navigation for the bolded title "my pixels and contests 4 you!". then, beneath that there are two things: the link to get to my pixels and dolls section, and then the link to get to my contests section. click on the contests one. specifically, the one that says "contests 4 you!" please check the contests section out, i really need some entries!

if you are having trouble finding the link [or you're just being lazy lol] then click here. THANKS!


Posted by stephie at 5:53 PM EST
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*** update ***
hello everyone. i can't believe i haven't gotten any entries for the contests yet, but i expect some from you soon! i decided to clean up this page a bit and delete any posts that i didn't find necessary. guess what? mariiii accepted my invite to be my sister! please visit her site, she is so talented! we are working on our sister banner, but here is a delicious gift from her:

^^^ it's great mariiii! thank you so much! [she's so talented, eh?]

Posted by stephie at 11:27 PM EST
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sorry i haven't had monthly awards ... monthly, but here are december's monthly awards. congrats to the winners!

^^^ this doll, in a word, is inspiring. the doller, at bubble pixels, is simply so talented, i am overwhelmed. what attracted me to choose this doll as doll of the month, is the lace. i love the doller's technique for the lace - it's unique, inspiring, and well done.

^^^ i only discovered this site last month. i found it refreshing and fun - jam packed with everything from dolls to contests, and i thought it definitley deserved december's site of the month award. maki's technique is unique and wonderful. i had a tremendous time exploring her little site she calls blue biscuit.

i fell in love with this base the second i saw it. i find that all of PPK's bases are soooo wonderful, and had a hard time choosing the base of the month this december. this base is one of my favourites - my fave part of it are the eyes. they light up every time you look at them. i find that this base also inspires me - when i look at it, i know exactly what i'm going to draw on her. well done!!

Posted by stephie at 7:04 PM EST
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***** MONTHLY AWARDS *****
Mood:  not sure
i've decided to make monthly awards for sites, bases, and dolls. here are the first monthly awards!

base of the month:

^^^ this is one of my favourite bases, called tamao. it comes with 96 different poses, and a selection of faces. wonderful work, pinkie's!

site of the month:

^^^ this site is adorable - it's simple, easily navigatable, includes dolls contests and more. it definitley deserves site of the month.

^^^ i loooove the creases in the dress, the shading is extremely well done! the hair is also amazingly thought out. good job, themis!

Posted by stephie at 3:52 PM EST
Updated: 11/15/2004 4:31 PM EST
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***** NEW DOLL & CONTEST! *****
Mood:  not sure
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hey guys. PLEASE check out the contest section...i've added a new contest, but i haven't gotten ANY entries for the old one yet!!

all you have to do to take a look at my contests or my pixels is go to the left, and look for the title "my pixels and contests 4 you!" and click on the link you'd like. please enter the contests...I've just made the awards, and they're really cute!

i've also added a new doll, it's really cute. take a look!


<3 stephie

Posted by stephie at 8:34 PM EDT
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***** contest alert! *****
Mood:  happy
hey guys! check out the contest page for a new [and very first!] contest! it's gonna be sooo much fun to judge this! please tell your friends about it, if you have any that do pixel art as well. be sure to check it out, it'll be fun!

<3 stephie

Posted by stephie at 2:06 PM EDT
Updated: 10/25/2004 6:35 PM EDT
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