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Different Types of Snails


There are MANY MANY different types of snails all over the World. Some of them look similar to one another but others look completely different. On this page it will show you a number of different breeds of snails that I hope you'll enjoy looking at.


Above is a White-Lipped snail. (Cepaea hortensis).You can tell it is a white lipped by looking at the lip of the snail. For more information on how to tell the difference between a white and brown lipped snail go to the HAVE YOU EVER WONDERED PAGE.

A Brown-Lipped (Cepaea nemoralis) snail

Above is the The Brown Garden Snail (Helix aspersa).

Above is a Common Door Snail (Balea biplicata). It is very small and doesn't even reach a cm in length.

Tree Snail (Arianta arbustorum). These snails are less the 1cm in diameter and there are still snails even smaller.

 Above is the Round Snail or Rotund Disc (Discus rotundatus). This species lives almost worldwide.

To the left, the Dark-bodied Glass Snail (Oxychilus draparnaudi), to the right an Oxychilus sp.

Above is the Garlic Glass Snail (Oxychilus alliarius).

Giant African land snail




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