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Clan of the Silver Moonwolf
Kryston's page to Moon Elf biology. A'amry's pages dedicated to Moon Elf villages and homes. Sa'a talks about Sylundtrii education and language.
Khem's pages gives you a good look into the members of the tribe.
Anon's pages about Moon Elf economy.
Kyans pages to Syluntrii faith.
Aster's guide to Magick and Rites of Passage.
Pol's page to Syluntrii goverment and laws.
Laejan's guide to our clan, The Silver Moonwolf.

Sarn's page revelas Sylutrii magick and about our own magick circle. Seb's guide to Moon Elf Tribes, Clans and Houses Questions? Comments? Paya will try to answer all.

elcome and Mi'ir. Welcome to our home. This website was built by the Clan of the Silver Moonwolf. We are a group of friends, well more like a fanmily, who have been able to find the inner soul of our mortal husk. That of the Moon Elf race. We built this site in order to attempt to educate the world about we Moon Elves, The Syluntrii. This process has taken the clan many years of loyal service and a love and devotion to find who our inner beings are. The page you see before you is a map. Above is a series of small pics of the clan. Each will take you to a part of Silver Creek, our village and land, and each member will educate you all about Moon Elves, daily life and even about our clan.

On some pages, you will find parts that information provided is in two parts; one in English and one in Syluntrii, Moon Elven. This is for those that have asked to learn more deeply about the language and how it is written as well as it is spoken. There is more about the language on its own page however, along with a English to Syluntrii dictionary.

May what you find here to be used to the best of your skills. We are always welcome to hear from you with questions and ideas. Or even to tell us about yourself or your clan.

Moon blessings!
Sylun pyrjan'vys!

Recorded: 2005 (Paya, Sa'a & A'amry)