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As some of you may or may not know, the 
moon is in great need for help. There was an article
in Discover Magazine recently that was entitled
"What should we do with the moon?"
Apparently, space engineers are busy
trying to decide what to do with the moon.
The big candidates are: 1) Mine it, 2) Put factories on it, and 3) Send tourists there. Preferably,they wish to do all three. When I read this I was in a complete state of shock.I
mean, not only is the moon something we have all
looked to for some reason or another, but it's
our moon. It's a proven fact that humans used to
look to the sky as a map and if we take away the moon,
do we loose the maps ledgend? Not only that but
the moon is what controls the tide, and if the
moon is messed with then will the whole world flood?
dry up? The world is made up of 75% water, if
you mess with the moon you're messing with
a whole lot of water! I hope that what I have written
here in the small intorduction has interested you enough
to browse this site. The Moon has been around forever,
lets not change that. Please take a few minutes and look
through this site, you could just help save the moon...