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The Alligator's Lair, a Great Place to work!

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My name is Alison and I live in the Catskills of NY. I am an artist, fanfiction and fashion fan, and a nature lover. I also am a Taurus. I play viola in a little chamber ensemble and in general just adore all music except for rap and R&B. I love Aerosmith, U2, Nirvana, The Killers, Jon Bon Jovi, The Doors, Def Leppard, etc... I love Harry Potter, though I hate two of the main characters at times for being ignorant at important times. My favorite movie in the world is Hook. I love painting, drawing, and working with clay. I love the feel of nice fabrics. I am a big mythology (especially Greek and Roman) buff and I like to collect statues and jewelry of dragons and unicorns.

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