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I was a rock! I stood firm in what I believed. Time and the elements have worn me down. The stabbing pain of grief and despair have put cracks in my shell. Some cracks that run as deep as my soul. The cold loneliness and the heat of anger have since widened them and broken me into pieces. Tears rain down, and over time my edges have worn away. Pieces of me are carried here and there, down the stream, sometimes scraping the bottom and bumping other rocks along the way, breaking off more pieces until there is nothing left of me but scattered grains of sand with no soul to hold them together....


I pear with frightened hope upon a new horizon, as a turtle peeking from his battered shell after narrowly escaping an untimely fate. I stand frail, exposed, paralized by expectation. Take my hand dear friend and grasp tightly as I begin my first shaky steps, venturing to the unknown. Without your hand to guide me, I am frozen to this place. I will stumble and fall many times before I can walk alone. But, without you my dear friend I fear I shall return to the broken shell where I can no longer dwell. I have gathered my courage to begin again and with your aid, support, and your guidance. I will embrace all the tranquility and joy that await me, which I have so desperately earned.........

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