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My Inspiration

I sat there feeding my pity

Only to feel worse than before

I realized that sympathy

Was what my heart ached for.

I searched for answers in my head

To questions that didn't matter.

What is this knawing in my stomach?

Why won't it go away?

You must have seen my agony

You must have known my pain

A simple act of kindness

Was all this poor soul needed.

You saw the rainbows in my puddles,

You heard the symphony in my soul,

You taught me how to heal myself

And wash away my pain.

Your patience with this broken soul

Brought forth a love for you

A love which I will never

Absolve no matter what.

You are my inspiration

My heart's illumination

I place my heart inside you

Please treasure it forever.

By: Mary Virgen (my twin sister)