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Impossible Dream

I had a dream so pure and sweet,

a dream I never did repeat.

I longed to keep this dream of mine,

But time would rob me of that time.

There was this soul so lost and sad,

I felt the need to lend a hand.

As I grew near to this lost soul,

I realized that I was cold.

I couldn't stop myself from shaking,

but didn't stop from nearly waking.

I took my hand and reached to him,

And found I knew where he had been.

I read his mind so dark and lonely,

I understood what made him weary.

I said, Don't cry my dear young friend,

I'm here to help and put an end

To all your woes and sorrows too;

I only need your hand and you.

He slowly let his arm extend

until I reached and touched him then.

As he stood up, his face showed pain

A pain I couldn't even explain.

He slowly looked upon my face,

And to my shock, I felt embraced.

I stared into his eyes so long

that soon my face was on his own.

I realized I helped MYsoul

to raise from hell and reach my goal....

June 1, 1999

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