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Rose Cottage

    Located behind Sweet Dreams Inn, a wide dirt path branching off the path that ends just after passing the right side of the inn. Following this path takes you back to Rose Cottage, home of Chantal Rose and her two children. An opening between stone walls that surround the cottage is what you pass through and you see Rose Cottage is in sight. A view behind it of the lovely forests, lake, and ocean to the far east gives it an almost ethereal glow and the smell of different flowers and plants assault you. The smell drifting with the winds from behind the cottage.

     Approaching the door and upon knocking it is opened by an older woman, whom you find out is named Tigraine, and you are escorted inside. As the door closes behind you, you find yourself embraced by warmth and love. Tigraine escorts you to Chantal then and disappearing, she goes back outside where she gives a whistle. A few moments later your horse is being led to the stables, off to the right of the cottage, by Griffith or Arod to be brushed down, fed, and cared for while you visit.


Rose Family and Friends

Mistress of Rose Cottage

Synnovea Autumn Rose

William Charles Rose

Nurse Tigraine Moiral


Rose Cottage

First Floor

Second Floor




Various Interests

Sweet Dreams Inn