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Olive Leaf Extract • Triphala • Arnica Liniment • Comfrey


Olive Leaf Extract 4 oz


Olive leaf has been shown to:   Olive Leaf extract in bulk is made fresh from wild crafted whole olive leaf. It is a concentrated extract and very economical to use: Four ounces of Olive Leaf Extract makes approximately 200 size 00 capsules.
We use a water extraction process. Organic brown rice flour is the carrier. Olive leaf is a very powerful antiviral and microbial. It is recommended that you start with a small amount, such as one capsule and work up over a period of weeks. A maintenance dose for an adult is three capsules. For acute problems such as parasites, warts or other viral conditions, up to six capsules daily can be taken safely if you approach the full dosage gradually as outlined above. Olive leaf extract is used long-term for prevention as well. It does not destroy the "friendly" bacteria in the digestive tract.
   strengthen the immune system  

  inhibit the growth of viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites


  lower blood pressure

  increase blood flow in coronary arteries  
  relieve arrhythmia  

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  prevent or shorten the duration of colds and flu  
   lower cholesterol levels  
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Olive Leaf Extract Directions

Olive Leaf Extract rapidly kills viruses, bacteria, and parasites. The microbes are then eliminated through the intestines. The Herxheimer Response, or die-off effect, occurs when the immune system attempts to neutralize the toxins from the dead microbes. Flu-like symptoms or headaches are the most common symptoms. While uncomfortable, it is a positive sign because it confirms the effectiveness of the extract and indicates the presence microbes. This "healing crisis" is a signal that better health is imminent.

You can avoid the uncomfortable die-off symptoms by gradually approaching the full dosage. Start with one capsule (1/2 tsp) for one week. Add one capsule each week so that by the third week you are taking three capsules (1-1/2 tsp). This is the maintenance dosage for the average adult. (If you weigh over 200 lbs or under 100 lbs increase or decrease the dosage.)

For acute conditions such as infections, viral conditions, parasites and high blood pressure/cholesterol, double the maintenance dosage until the condition resolves, then revert to the maintenance dosage. For example, a 150 lb adult would take three caps/day as maintenance. During acute conditions the dosage would be six/day.

Olive Leaf extract does not kill off the "friendly" bacteria in the intestines. It can be used long term without danger of side effects. People who use Olive Leaf Extract throughout the winter months report fewer colds and flu with reduced intensity and duration. Studies have confirmed the immune enhancing effects of Olive Leaf. Other studies have shown that Olive Leaf can eliminate irregular heartbeat and reduce blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

One pound of Olive Leaf extract makes about 800 capsules. A cost effective alternative is to buy the extract in bulk and fill the capsules. This saves the average family of four several hundred dollars per year.

It is not necessary to encapsulate the Olive Leaf extract powder. The taste is not offensive. It can be stirred into food or taken directly from a spoon. This will further reduce your cost as capsules are expensive.

Olive Leaf is safe for children. Pregnant women should not use Olive Leaf extract.