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Welcome to New Moon Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats!

Beautiful Little Goats with an Emphasis on Quality
12 Year Anniversary 2016!

Kids LOVE kids!

We are all sold out!
This was our final year raising Nigerians! Our herd is now completely dispersed. Tons of heartfelt Thanks to all our wonderful customers over the years!

We have begun raising Miniature Australian Shepherds. View our website here
Coffee Creek Mini Aussies

Our Great Pyrenees LGD female "Puppy"

Hi! My name is Katy, and I'm the proud "goatmaster" and founder of my small herd of nigerian dwarf goats. I've been breeding since 2004. Welcome to our home on the web. Please show yourself around our herd pages and enjoy.

New Moon Nigerian Dwarf Goats
Katy Wentzel and Joe Matteson
Austinburg Ohio 44010
contact us via email

We keep a small herd due to space and time restraints so each herd member gets the care and attention they need. We average around 12 does and 4 bucks.

I purchase my stock from conscientious breeders that test whole herd CAE negative, and I have had each new animal tested before entering the herd. We whole herd tested (all over 6 months of age)and have been all negative as of 05/08/07. We haven't tested since then, but all animals sold and tested have always been negative. For more information on how I manage my herd, visit the Herd Management page.

My goal is to breed the best miniature dairy goat possible- correct, beautiful, friendly, and healthy, with strong milking abilites. To me, blue is just an eye color. But I like blue eyes, and do include them in my breeding program, as "icing on the cake." I'd like to provide options for any customer- those interested in showing, milking or pets.

Because I don't currently show or participate in milk test, I do my best by purchasing breeding stock with proven qualities in these areas, and build on those characteristics and bloodlines. Our kids are raised by their dams in the way nature intended. Sometimes we have kids that we bottle feed. And I occasionally milk, but not as much as I used to. Working full time now makes it difficult so I only milk as needed.

Milking Rhapsody 2010.

Our goats are purebred and registered with the American Goat Society, and I am a proud member of AGS. Still havent dual registered with ADGA.

I take a lot of pride in my animals and have a huge passion for this hobby. I've tried to offer as much information about each animal that I can. I'm still learning all the time. I am a beginner at clipping the goats and still picture them generally unposed, but I think their best qualities still shine through.

I discovered the Nigerian Dwarf during my farm/house-hunting adventures. One place we visited had a lovely little herd of nigerian goats and I fell in love instantly! I had always known I wanted to raise goats, and once I was ready to add some I had no doubts about which goat breed I wanted to work with. I am taken in by the beauty of this breed, topped off by their small manageable size, wonderful personalities, and strong milking ability. I feel this mini dairy goat is a perfect fit for a homestead like mine.


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