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The Secret Boards

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The Neoboards

For the Neoboard Savvy!

About Us!

Welcome to Neoboard Stuff, the first site completely dedicated to the wonderful Neoboards of Neopets! We have loads of stuff to offer, including
.Premade Siggys
.The secret boards
.And more!

So feel free to look around, use stuff and come back as often as you like!


Everything here is © Neopets and was used with permission. Respect neopets and do not steal the Neoboards, Avatars and other things that don't belong to me. I made most of the siggys and I made all of the neoHTML. The fonts were done by other people and I found the secret boards. You are free to use the siggys that don't have a username in front of them, the fonts and the neoHTML without giving me credit. Siggys with usernames must have the person's username with them at all times because they made the siggy. Do remember that, now. Feel free to use anything here on your personal site, but you must link back to me! A simple text link is all that's needed. Thank you, and you may now explore the site.