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Ah! Hullo thur. ;)

I figured we could get a bit technical with this website jig. :D

Just to broaden your horizons.

It can answer all your questions my dear. I'm glad you enjoyed listening to me blather on. To be honest I was poking fun at you a little. Simply the way you do tend to tiraid at times. ;) I thought I was being clever. :p
That technique is Raku. Its a lot of fun. ;) Salt-doh recipe? Got that one already hun. I like Polymer clay the most. Its not sticky or messy, I dont really like that type of clay. You know, the earthenwares and real clay so to speak. It dries my hands out, coupled with the fact that i have weak wrists, I currently have Carpel Tunnel Syndrome in my right wrist. Its very painful. :(

My metaphor is thus, Water under bridge. ;) We're cool. Above that pettiness.

I kinda enjoyed sharing that knowledge with you too. Its not very often i get asked about something that I know a lot (or a fair amount) about. So it's even less frequent that i am permitted to wage war against the keyboard and bash the hell outta it.

Very sweet colour scheme. It was easier. I'm trying for something similar here. Dusting off my HTML skills

Thank you again for asking me about that. You made me realise that from my bad experiences I did learn a heck of a lot. *grumbles* As much as I dont want to admit it. :D *hug*

~Stace "@_