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D-shot's Virtual Notebook

I thought I'd take this course in order to refresh and refine my HTML skills. Hope this web page turns out better than my last attempt did. :)
A couple thoughts, I'd like to put a few pictures of me and a little story about my life and what I've done thus far as well as maybe some songs I wrote...or even song ideas.

I've learned a few HTML tags before from a friend of mine and I'm hoping that this will bring some of that back to my mind. :) Obviously all this will change when I go to make my real webpage. But this'll just have to do for now.

Ok, I found a webpage and although I know the person I like it 'cause it's simple and isn't too fancy with too many distracting pictures. Click Here to visit Sunshine's site!

Click Here to see the 2nd page of my Virtual Notebook.

Or click here to see the 3rd page of my Virtual Notebook.

Or you can click here to see the 4th and final page of my Virtual Notebook.

JavaScript Homework

HTML 2 Homework

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