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Princess Sophia and Krull the Warrior King

Hot Fellas - Just Characta's. Deal with it.

Hey everybody. We are SOOOO funny. i cant even begin to describe it... Mountain Notre Dame. Rollin Rollin Rollin Rollin Rollin down the riverrrr. Varsity Lacrosse Captain. Fabulous. Mingle... TWOOOOOO! JE and MA - god you are sooo gullible. by you I mean myself. PADIDDLE! why is the car rolling??? oh shit! i forgot the brake haha no sweat. Secret BBAC Room. NYCBBAC Room- you wish you knew... TP (stands for toilet paper and something else we cant quite remember..) SEE YOU!!! did i mention that we are SO funny yet? mom! Sable is SO hyper! mom are you even down here? DAD! Sable is so HYPER! DAD! Sable IS so hyper... you guys might not know... but this stuff is really happening, i bet this is a real place, this is real guys... its not even fake. Lemme break it down for you. Guys, look at their outfits!!!! Why doesn't she take the fucking hat off? Momma Don and Big L. Swaim Park. Mmmmmm Chhhhh. This is GLORIOUS! Bad boy. Sisterhood of the TRAVELING PANTS!!! Coming out June 3rd 2005!!! Plan is - go see it after exams, then have huge end-of-year bash at author of this page's house, but you aren't cool enough to know who we are. sorry. really, sorry. We are gonna party like theres NO TOMORROW! leaders of the fabulous sophomore and freshman classes. HA. we are FABULOUS. now stop stealing our words, world. Not in the mood to joke? understood. I got a NOD! a step down from the 'hey'. One eye open... one eye closed. Saturday morning daughter. Streak stays alive (minus spring break) at six weeks! SHOCKER!!!! Going partying with the seniors! Going to Providence and Akron this summer of course. Model Pose! How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days = the best movie of all time. Bullshit, momma. GET IN THE WATER!! im sorry baby... would you please get in the water?? GET IN THE WATER! Hanging shirts around house and yard and in trees. The more beautiful of the two of us never gets in trouble in various classes while the lesser of the beautiful does even though she doesnt even talk as much HE HE!Je suis vraiment FURIEUSE! We went to sleep holding hands once.... God, you really like to tell that story, don't you? One of us is diabetic, the other is half-diabetic... I want to do it!!! now i need ointment with pain reliever hahaha. One oh five? Are you serious? ONE oh five? jp haha. One of us always borrows the other one's shorts and shirts. No, she doesn't play basketball... yet. one of us falls asleep at 1130 at the latest whenever we are together... obviously her beauty rest making her more beautiful. Okay. We're obviously trop importante et occupe to continue. Sorry for your luck. Going away now to do what the fabulous do... Gossipgirl/fabulous leaders/sports captains/enough said... Welcome to our lives. You think you know... but you have no (let me repeat NO) idea.